After the new stone-breaking of a Tango bus in Saint-Gilles, the CFDT calls for the advent of a transport police

After the new stone-breaking of a Tango bus in Saint-Gilles, the CFDT calls for the advent of a transport police

Dès ce mardi 13 février, le service est revenu à la normale sur l'ensemble de la ligne. Midi Libre – LYDIA CHASSIER

Les faits sont survenus lundi 12 février en fin de journée dans le quartier sensible Sabato. 

A Tango company bus was targeted with projectiles this Monday, February 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the town of Saint-Gilles in Gard.

As the vehicle passed on line 42, at the Sabato priority district, a group of young people threw several stones towards the bus where they were then , in addition to the driver, many users at this rush hour. While a window was destroyed without causing any injuries, the area was bypassed until the end of the day's service.

This Tuesday morning, February 13, the diversion put in place the day before had been lifted. The service had resumed on the entire line where the buses, however, circulate under good escort, secured by the gendarmerie on the section of the route where the stone attack took place. Monday evening.

5 mediation agents 

Following this event, Nasser Mohamedi CFDT delegate within the Tango transport company indicates that the driver of the attacked bus did not ;not wishing to exercise their right of withdrawal.

The union delegate also says he regrets the reduction to a bare minimum of mediation agents on the sensitive lines of the transport network in the Nîmes metropolitan area.< /p>

Agents on subsidized contracts, responsible for liaising with youth and preventing tensions in sensitive neighborhoods, and who would only be five left ;all in all today across the entire network.

A proven ''font"

A public transport network where the advent of a transport police would have been announced a year ago by the president of the metropolis Frank Proust .

"In Montpellier, this transport police which took office in mid-December is already proving its worth. In Nîmes we have no news and are clearly waiting for his arrival. Safety and serenity in public transport being an essential guarantee for their use by users, finally points out Nasser Mohamedi.

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