After the shooting episodes at Chemin-Bas-d'Avignon: the Ps de Nîmes section steps up to the plate

After the shooting episodes at Chemin-Bas-d'Avignon: the Ps de Nîmes section steps up to the plate

Nicolas Nadal of the Socialist Party reacts after the episodes of violence. Free Lunch – DIEZ

After the episodes of shooting at Chemin-Bas-d'Avignon, the Socialist Party, through the voice of the Nîmes section secretary, Nicolas Nadal, is stepping up to the plate.

The PS section of Nîmes deplores "that’once again (and too) the Chemin Bas district of Avignon has experienced scenes of armed violence. Drug trafficking in Nîmes reaches levels of violence between the
different dealers who are no longer acceptable. The attitude of certain local elected officials systematically referring the security of so-called "sensitive" neighborhoods to the State; in Nîmes should not be used to discard a share of shared responsibility. 

Nicolas Nadaladds "we know full well that trafficking of all kinds thrives in areas particularly affected by unemployment and insecurity. The impoverishment of these living spaces in one of the poorest cities in France is fertile ground for delinquents. And it cannot be ruled out that many of them participate in some form of family assistance. Multiplying the number of municipal or national police officers is good, but it must also be accompanied by economic development that creates jobs. And therefore contribute to greater social and financial security for families.

"So that the City no longer lives in permanent insecurity"

"Has the mayor of Nîmes not seen this type of situation, which is very harmful to the image he wants to give of the City ? His policy of works intended to beautify the center to strengthen its
Hasn't tourist attractiveness masked the virtual abandonment of so-called working-class neighborhoods ? All these questions? must be asked. And let's not forget that the Nîmes right has always supported the austerity policies advocated by the right. The resources put into internal security have been reduced for so-called budgetary savings reasons. We did not hear him react to this policy when the various austerity plans were initiated by his friends in the governments of the time. The Socialist Party will always be ready for joint inter-partisan reflection to find all possible solutions so that our city no longer lives in permanent insecurity in the future. Whether it is economic or in everyday life for all its fellow citizens."

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