“After the turbulence, a united team” in the list led by Claire Lapeyronie for the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit

“After the turbulence, a united team” in the list led by Claire Lapeyronie for the municipal election of Pont-Saint-Esprit

La liste “Pont d'abord” compte 17 femmes et 16 hommes. C. B. – MIDI LIBRE

La liste de trente-trois colistiers de Claire Lapeyronie," Pont d’abord", compte dix-sept élus de la majorité municipale actuelle. Elle a été présentée ce samedi 30 mars. 

The pouring rain did not dampen, on Saturday March 30, the good humor of the running mates of "Pont d’abord", for the presentation to the press of this list of 33 names led by the mayor of Pont-Saint-Esprit Claire Lapeyronie, formed for the early municipal election on April 28 and May 5.

"The presentation of a list is an emotional moment" underlined in the preamble Claire Lapeyronie, seated among her running mates spread around the round tables of the Atelier du Bistrot, a festive place in Spiripontain. "I am very happy and very proud of the team we form." Also present, l&rsquo ;former Spiripontain mayor Roger Castillon, appointed as financial agent for the campaign.

"A renewed and very solid team"

A renewed and very solid " team" composed of 17 women and 16 men, including 17 elected from the current municipal majority, loyal to the outgoing mayor who insisted on "the strength of the collective"< /em>. A collective upset by the resignation in recent weeks of four deputies and several municipal councilors of the majority, followed by those of almost the entire opposition, prelude to the summons of ;a new municipal election.

"I place probity and loyalty above everything" said the mayor of Pont-Saint- Spirit to his running mates, echoing the difficulties encountered by his former team, before recalling that "when you are a municipal councilor, deputy, mayor, it is an everyday commitment, 24 hours a day […]. With this list, our collective commitment is to never give up.

The youngest is 22 years old

Among the 33 running mates of "all generations", aged from 22 to 81 years, "who live in all neighborhoods of the city", "our political opinions are sometimes different – two are inset PS – , but what brings us together is the love of Pont-Saint-Esprit" declared Claire Lapeyronie before passing the floor to those who launched the electoral campaign with her.

The two youngest, who are part of the "ten political novices" of "Pont d’first", were thus put forward, the youngest Loïc Boiron, 22 years old, "passionate about politics" and currently in civic service at the solidarity center at the town hall of Pont-Saint-Esprit, and Cassandre d’Espalungue d’Arros, 32 years old, interior designer and mother of two young children.

As for municipal elected officials still in the race, Claude François "at the end of the list in 2020" who became municipal councilor responsible for major projects last October, and human resources assistant Ghislaine de Verduzan, present alongside Roger Castillon from 2014 then Claire Lapeyronie in 2020.

"A healthy team that wants to do"

"After the turbulence, our team found serenity. Our new team is united and full of good will" she appreciates. Thomas Poyet, resigned from his position as sports assistant in June 2023, is back, after having found there "a healthy team that wants to do".

Michel Mermet returned to politics at the age of 81 after having been "ten years as financial assistant to Gilbert Baumet. I gave up in 2008 (the Regional Audit Chamber had issued a very harsh first report on the management of the commune of Pont-Saint-Esprit, whose mayor was then Gilbert Baumet, Editor's note), I noticed the change with Roger Castillon and Claire Lapeyronie, Pont evolved so I decided to start again".&amp ;nbsp;In the list, another ex-elect from the Baumet era, Pierrette Picard, "I had only served one year… ".

Running mates who will have until April 28 to convince Spiripontaine voters, by beating the campaign. "We don't want Pont to fall into the hands of the RN. These are not our values" recalled Claire Lapeyronie.

Seventeen elected officials from the municipal majority among Pont's 33 running mates

Pont's 33 running mates first presented in alphabetical order (the underlined names are those of the elected officials currently in office).

Christophe Antunes, 45 years old: interior designer.

Patrick Bidal, 70 years old: retired EDF and retired firefighter.

Gilles Beaudet, 68 years old: municipal councilor since 2020; retired from teaching.

Loïc Boiron, 22 years old: in civic service at the solidarity center of Pont-saint-Esprit town hall.< /p>

Hélène Bouteloup, 44 years old: reception agent at the sacred art museum of Pont-saint- Spirit.

Michel Cadeau, 66 years old: military and civilian retiree in transport and construction.

Ghislaine de Verduzan : assistant ; runs guest rooms and lodges.

Marie-Laure de Laveissière de Verduzan, 68 years old: retired from the civil service.

Cassandre d’Espalungue d’Arros, 32 years old: interior designer and sales manager .

Françoise Savelli, 66 years old: municipal councilor since 2011; retired from the Lou Ventabrun home.

Claude François, 63 years old: municipal councilor ;; former manager of the Quadriale lodge, independent trained auditor, radio protection and dismantling sector, he developed different agencies.

Hervé Ginot, 60 years old: deputy ; manager of a guest house.

Pascal Gomes, 53 years old: purchasing manager.

Clément Gueneau, 33 years old: engineer, involved in Spiripontaine associative life.

Maryse Frarin La Michellaz, 72 years old: retired from teaching, deputy mayor of Nouméa for 19 years.

Claire Lapeyronie, 55 years old: deputy from 2011 to 2018, mayor since 2018, regional councilor in the majority of Carole Delga. English teacher at George-Ville college in Pont-Saint-Esprit.

Patrick Libourel, 67 years old: retired.

Michel Mermet, 81 years old: municipal deputy between 1998 and 2008; retired engineer, presidents of associations.

Abdel Mezroub, 47 years old: municipal councilor ;; store manager.

Emily Mir, 36 years old: assistant ; commercial.

Daniel Mouchetant, 72 years old: 1st deputy ;; elected since 2011; retired from nuclear power, former fire officer.

Suzanne Pagan : municipal councilor ; retired.

Catherine Pécastaing, 66 years old: assistant: ; retired from social and professional integration.

Pierrette Picard : municipal councilor ; volunteer for 18 years at Adeva (association for the defense of asbestos victims).

Vanessa Portejoie, 50 years old: municipal councilor ;; dental surgeon.

Thomas Poyet : ex-deputy ; he works in risk prevention at the CEA, volunteer firefighter.

Céline Rosello, 48 years old: business manager.

Muriel Scarato, 68 years old: advisor municipal; hospital doctor.

Eddy Termini, 49 years old: deputy ; photographer.

Mickaël Vadon, 34 years old: deputy ; accountant.

Laurence Valette, 52 years old: agent of the commune of Saint-Marcel-d’Ardèche.

Myriam Zompicchiatti : assistant ; retired nurse.

Marie-France Zen, 73 years old: language teacher, translator, author; president of the bridge club.

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