After the victory against Lyon, Montpellier, already focused on its play-off to ensure its maintenance in the Top 14

After the victory against Lyon, Montpellier, already focused on its play-off to ensure its maintenance in the Top 14

Montpellier comptera sur l’expérience de Geoffrey Doumayrou pour ces jours décisifs. MAXPPP – JEAN MICHEL MART

Après le succès face à Lyon (41-26), samedi 1er juin, le MHR se concentre sur leur match de barrage dans quinze jours.

The success against LOU has put their heads a little back in place. After seven defeats in a row, Montpellier really needed that to find some color. A victory may be the best way to prepare for the play-off match which awaits the Héraultais, on June 16 against Vannes or Grenoble. "We are still in a phase where we will try things the next weekend while trying to stay consistent. The goal is to have, on the evening of Clermont, 33 players potentially who have playing time to select the best possible team", explains Patrice Collazo, the Hérault manager.

Two weeks and a match against Clermont to work on every detail, prepare the players and have all the assets to save the club in Top 14. "J&rsquo ;I have an idea where we'll go, but hey… hellip; We try to prepare several possible scenarios. But all year long, we had to adapt", Collazo still breathes. "It’is the only one match that will count. There we have 15 days left. Every day, when we come to the stadium, we have to live for this access match, says fullback Julien Tisseron.

The Montpellier residents did not wait for their success against Lyon to think about this barrier. "We all watched the Pro D2 semi-finals. I was for Béziers anyway on Friday, I'm a little disappointed, smiled captain Lenni Nouchi, originally from Béziers. But hey, we'll either go to Vannes or Grenoble. They are opponents who have been consistent throughout the season, so we will go with the same intentions. Either way, we will give the best of ourselves".

"It's getting closer to the Top 14"

"These are two dynamic teams, who offer play and who have effective playing times, on the Pro D2, above average. It's getting closer to the Top 14. These are playful, athletic teams, analyzes Patrice Collazo. There are no surprises. I played a match against Grenoble at the start of the season (when he was manager of Brive), in the championship. It’s a team that, athletically, still scored."

"Obviously, they have a confidence that is above ours, adds Captain Nouchi. Because we endured the whole season. Afterwards, we have a huge squad. If we manage to rebuild our confidence, as we hope to do over the last two weeks, it's going to be a great match."

Two weeks to save a season and beyond that, the future of a club. "We have to manages the squad in terms of playing time and injuries. We need to try possible options, because during the week of access, we can do without them too. Between Monday and Sunday, the week is long…." sighs Collazo again.

Montpellier is already in its game. A match first against himself before knowing the name of his opponent.

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