Agde/Pézenas: possible seismic tremors felt on the evening of Monday April 29

Agde/Pézenas: possible seismic tremors felt on the evening of Monday April 29

Des grondements ressentis un peu partout sur le Pays agathois. MIDI LIBRE – MICHEL DESNOS

The phenomenon was noted in the Agathois region and beyond around 9:30 p.m., Monday April 29: several rumblings seeming to come from the ground attracted the attention of residents. According to the Volcano Discovery website, it could be, subject to confirmation, a seismic phenomenon that appeared very close to Perpignan.

This Tuesday, April 30, in the early morning, several testimonies on social networks confirmed what many inhabitants of the Agathois region felt the evening before, around 9:30 p.m. : the perception of several dull rumbles seeming to come directly from the ground, similar to the passage of a heavy goods vehicle near homes.

"I am in Valros and I heard these rumblings perfectly", assures a resident, who adds "that other people felt the same thing in Bessan."Same story around Pézenas, where the rumblings – at least six or seven – were felt. But at that time of the evening, it was enough to take a look at the The mobile application of the Keraunos site, which observes storm activity in real time, to note that there were no storms, inland or on the coast. Contacted this Tuesday morning, the Hérault firefighters did not notice anything abnormal, nor even any phone calls from people worried by this phenomenon.

One clue, however, which remains to be confirmed: the Volcano Discovery website reported at 8 a.m. this Tuesday morning “a reported earthquake or an event similar to a earthquake" detected "5.4 km northeast of Perpignan". The site, cautious at this time, adds: “a possible earthquake could have occurred near Perpignan, in Occitanie, in the evening (Monday April 29), around 9:30 PM,& ;nbsp;local time (GMT +2). The details of the earthquake (if there is one) are so far unknown until confirmed by a seismic agency, but it is still unknown. This event would have been felt by many people in the region. We will update the event status on this page as soon as more information becomes available."

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