Agde: political reactions to the incarceration of Gilles D'Ettore

Agde: political reactions to the incarceration of Gilles D'Ettore

Le docteur Thierry Nadal, chef de file de l'opposition. D.R.

Thierry Nadal, leader of the "Agde fair, green, safe" and municipal councilor RN Fabienne Varesano return to the detention of the mayor of Agde.

Thierry Nadal, former municipal candidate, estimates the situation "ubuesque. We would think we were above ground. A feeling of impunity has brought us to this point and the population is stunned. No one knew anything about all this, about this clairvoyant. That's why people took a blow to the head with a club. They feel bruised, deceived. We find ourselves in a fractured city. We will now have to come together, think about the future of the town, and how people feel. This is the challenge for the months to come."

Fabienne Varesano: "a sordid affair

For Fabienne Versano, municipal councilor of the National Rally in Agde and deputy of the deputy for the 7th constituency Aurélien Lopez-Liguori,"like all Agathois, I learned with amazement and dismay the “abracadabrantesque” concerning the mayor of Agde and president of the Hérault Méditerranée agglomeration Gilles d’Ettore, indicted for passive corruption, illegal taking of interest and embezzlement of public funds and, for this reason, placed in detention by the judge of liberty and detention of Béziers. In view of the revelations of Midi Libre (300,000 euros of public money misappropriated, calls coming from beyond) and his placement in detention provisionally, the question arises of his authorization to continue the exercise of his functions in a city whose annual operating budget amounts to more than 70 million euros , and in an urban area whose budget amounts to 161.3 million euros in 2024", she estimates. According to the elected opposition representative, "through this sordid affair, it’s the image of Agde which is tainted and its tourist attractiveness, vital for its economic development, which finds itself threatened."  It ensures "respect the presumption of innocence by Gilles d’Ettore. However, his incarceration does not seem compatible with the exercise of functional municipal management. As such, so that the city of Agde can return to peaceful management as quickly as possible, I call for a rapid court decision which will precisely establish the facts. While awaiting the verdict, I urge Mr d’Ettore to take his responsibilities and assess the relevance of continuing to occupy his functions at the head of the town hall and the agglomeration in such conditions.’ ;quot;

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