Agde regains all its solidity and wins against Berre

Agde regains all its solidity and wins against Berre

Malgré deux essais encaissés, Agde a bien géré en défense. MIDI LIBRE – OLIVIER RAYNAUD

Malgré un effectif diminué, les Maritimes n’ont pas tremblé face à Berre et s'imposent 30 à 13. Mais le bonus offensif leur a échappé. 


Michel-Millet Stadium.
Half time: 15-3.
For Agde: 4 tries Barthez (27th), Brutus (34th), Chabaud (53rd), Barthélémy (64th); 2 conversions (34th, 64th) and 2 penalties (39th, 50th) Barthez.
For Berre: 2 Lopez tries (59th, 73rd) and 1 penalty (22nd) Villanove.
Yellow cards to Berre: Lopez (39th), Tafili (53rd).
RO Agde : Amoros – Brutus, Touizni, Suchier, Barthez – (o) Abela, (m) Caussé – Daures, Cebe, Chabaud – Thibaud Aris, Mendes – Garrigues, Delmas, Vaysset.
Entered into play: Girault, Delhoume, Barrière, Droitecour, Almunia, Barthélémy, Arty, Brison.

Now forced to fight to secure their qualification after the withdrawal of 5 points in the ranking by the DNACG and two defeats away – Céret and Annecy – who did not settle their affairs, Agde carried out a good operation on Sunday by clearly dominating a Berre formation which only held out for half an hour.

The beautiful score of Jean-Yves Abela

It must be said that with the Tramontane at their back in the first period, the Héraultais, although deprived of major players such as Paul Farret and Josian Aris, played an interesting score, alternating upwind and offshore, which had the merit of wearing down the imposing size of CO Berre. Flyhalf Jean-Yves Abela proved invaluable, masterfully leading the game, in the wake of a pack where the experimental second line Mendes – Thibaud Aris held the shock perfectly and the right pillar Garrigues, who touched countless balls low, put his team in the lead.

A workforce that is gradually being rebuilt

A conquering front eight which made it possible to place in excellent conditions three-quarters who scored three of the four Agathois tries: the first on a marvelous pass at the foot of the ball. Abela for Barthez in a corner, the second on a counter-attack led by Thibaud Aris and relayed by Abela, who served his winger Brutus perfectly, before Barthélémy “peel” the last of a furious rush in a desperate opposing defense.
Other good news: the Agathois squad is slowly rebuilding itself, with the return to play of Vincent Barrière and the excellent match of Suchier in the center.

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