Agde: startups selected by the economic agency Blue Invest for a first fundraising

Agde: startups selected by the economic agency Blue Invest for a first fundraising

De jeunes entrepreneurs en quête d'investisseurs. AGENCE BLUE

Des chefs d'entreprises du territoire, désormais qualifiés de Blue Business Angels, ont étudié les profils de sept jeunes entreprises avant d'éventuellement investir.

Officialized last February, the Business Angels branch of the economic development agency Blue Invest, common to the agglomerations of Agde and Sète, s& ;rsquo;is gathered to discover a selection of the region’s first seven startup projects with a view to fundraising.

Startups that spark interest

Around ten local entrepreneurs, now qualified as Blue Business Angels, studied with interest and curiosity the diversity of the projects, their innovative nature and their development potential. Among them: Big Up for Startup, intelligent interactive software to optimize connections between companies; Desk, the all-in-one workspace management software; Sport and Green, which improves your health through healthy food delivered to your home; Myria Editions, a publishing house offering a tool for B2B (business to business commerce) for the creation and personalization of interactive documents; Andragogy, a dive into the world of evolving learning supported by artificial intelligence and andragogy, education intended for adults; Callifly, a telephone-based abandoned shopping cart recovery and analysis service for e-commerce, and Acqua Eco, leader in on-site water reuse for terrestrial and marine environments.

"Several files caught the attention of the business leaders present, with a view to pursuing and deepening the applications over the next few weeks", explains the Blue economic development agency. Which reminds that to become a Blue Business Angel of the destination Sète – Cap d’Agde Méditerranée and invest in local projects, you must go to the site or contact the agency by email at the address

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