Aggression in Samara: what are the first conclusions of the “flash mission” of the General Inspectorate of National Education ?

Aggression in Samara: what are the first conclusions of the “flash mission” of the General Inspectorate of National Education ?

Ils avaient huit jours pour rendre leur rapport. MAXPPP – JEAN MICHEL MART

Les premiers résultats de la "mission flash", demandée par Nicole Belloubet après l’agression de Samara, 14 ans, battue devant son collège à Montpellier, ont été remis à la ministre de l’Éducation nationale ce vendredi 12 avril 2024.

The first results of the "flash mission", requested by Nicole Belloubet after the attack on Samara, 14 years old, beaten in front of her school in Montpellier, were handed over to the Minister of National Education this Friday April 12, 2024.

The objective of this mission is to determine whether any errors have been committed by the establishment's staff. More than twenty interviews were carried out, but not all the witnesses have yet been able to be interviewed. Samara, the victim released from the hospital last Monday, has not yet been heard. His mother, Hassiba, who notably denounced the inaction of the school, was interviewed at length, indicates Le Parisien.

"Malicious use of social networks"

In a press release, the ministry provides the first elements of the investigation "subject to a certain number of verifications at come". The General Inspectorate of Education, Sport and Research indicates that, of the students concerned, "the situations are conflictual and complex but known to the establishment and monitored closely. The mission will continue to examine all the work carried out in the establishment in terms of medical monitoring, student support, school life, including the implementation of health and safety measures. fight against harassment".

In this attack, "malicious and extensive use of social networks, particularly through accounts Fisha, seems to be at the origin of the attack. These accounts allow the dissemination humiliating photomontages and diverted videos causing a climate of aggression between students. The comments in question appear to be marked by a sexist and sexual nature", specifies the press release.

"Attempted intentional homicide"

Three minors aged 14 and 15, who admitted to having hit Samara, were indicted last Friday for "attempted homicide&quot ; and placed under judicial supervision, reports Le Parisien.

"The mission will continue its work on site next week, in parallel with the judicial investigation", continues the press release from the ministry, which recalls "its confidence in the National Education teams to implement the policy to combat harassment, which constitutes an absolute priority of the Government ."

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