Agnès Olinet, Lutte Ouvrière: “I would not betray my voters”

Agnès Olinet, Lutte Ouvrière: “I would not betray my voters”

Agnès Olinet, infirmière, « connaît les conditions des travailleurs. » DR

La candidate sur la 5e circonscription du Gard appelle les travailleurs à défendre leurs droits.

What observations motivated your candidacy for the elections ?

I want to defend the workers' camp, which I know well since I have been a nurse for 25 years. I have always fought for our rights. I know their working conditions, which are declining, the inflation that they are experiencing head-on. I experienced them, and I have been fighting against this situation since the Juppé law to reform pensions. But I am also here to oppose LR/RN policy. Bardella will not restore the retirement age to 60. He is not going to cancel the PDA (Activity Diversification Bonus, Editor’s note) on essential products. Every time a worker has obtained rights, it is thanks to the struggle of workers. This is what I want to say to my voters.

What demands are made during your campaign ?

Most people who work can't make ends meet. It's up to us to get out of this by fighting, for better wages, for better working conditions. It is we who produce, we who are a force.
The rural area is particularly affected, it has many workers and peasants; their lives are complicated. […] We, like everyone else, do not come from the upper echelons.
There are still 1% of the rich who own 63% of wealth (it is based on the Oxfam 2023 report, Editor's note). We will ask for 2,000 € net minimum for minimum wage salaries; it is time to take advantage of this wealth to improve public service and the living conditions of workers. Also, we are voting against military regimentation, carried by the camps on the left, as well as the camps on the right. We are the only ones asking for it in this campaign.

You did not wish to join the alliance of the new Popular Front ?

We don't want it. The left, like the other parties, serves the big bourgeoisie. There have always been two camps: that of the bourgeoisie, and that of the workers. The new Popular Front promises to index wages to prices, whereas it was precisely the left-wing, socialist government, Mauroy, which de-indexed them in 1984.
I would also add that it was François Hollande (PS), then President, who chose Macron as Minister of the Economy. So how can we believe that these people will defend the workers ? Each time, the left-wing parties make promises, but they go back on them once elected.

You are not afraid that this decision will isolate you during your campaign ?

M’isolate ? No. I carry something positive, about people like us. I call on them to fight, not to wait for politicians to do things for them. I call for collective struggle, quite simply. This is the only way to access decent salaries and our rights.

Lutte Ouvrière seems eclipsed by the other “major parties”. You remain confident about your election 

We'll see if we're elected! We have our chances too. But people can vote for me. I would not betray my voters.

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