Agricultural Show: Occitanie manifests itself during Emmanuel Macron's eventful visit

Agricultural Show: Occitanie manifests itself during Emmanuel Macron's eventful visit

Emmanuel Macron entouré d'Irène Tolleret et du vigneron gardois Frédéric Cavagna. MAXPPP – Olivier CORSAN

Au cours de la  première journée très chahutée, le Président s’est entretenu avec des représentants régionaux. On fait le point. 

Frédéric Cavagna, cooperative winegrower in Tornac, in the Gard, and secretary general of the FDSEA du Gard, was able to make the grievances of the cooperative winegrowers heard, by launching a sentence which marked the morning: & ;quot;I can't pay for my daughter's canteen."

After the debate, he explains: "I wanted to explain to him the reality on the ground. I am not the only one in this case, viticulture in Occitanie is bankrupt. Personally, I have only received 20% of my 2022 harvest, my entire 2023 harvest is in the cellar and I am four months away from bringing in my 2024 harvest. With what cash can I pay for the canteen??& ;quot;, says the winegrower, who wonders about stopping the profession but promises, first, to fight until the end.

Livestock: the forgotten sector

Renaissance MEP, and winemaker in Hérault, Irène Tolleret was also invited to participate in the impromptu debate and found a courageous President, who looks you in the eye. Who has done so much for agriculture ?", she asks, spinning off the rugby metaphor so that, "as a pack, we manage to find income allowing young people to enjoy their careers. rsquo;settling down and dreaming of a job they love.

Then during his stroll, Emmanuel Macron was able to make a stop near the Roquefort industry and chat with breeders of the Aubrac breed, Philippe Trigosse and Patrick Solignac, ultimately very "proud to be able to hold the hand of the President. Hoping that the message has been sent for breeding, which remains the forgotten sector, they believe.

As such, the president of OS Race Aubrac, Yves Chassany, offered to meet the President in the coming days, "to speak more calmly. We have solutions to put forward to him, because the measures announced do not really concern us. We must prioritize, to defend our very fragile rural territories."

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