Agricultural Show: RN President Jordan Bardella comes to ride agricultural anger

Agricultural Show: RN President Jordan Bardella comes to ride agricultural anger

Jordan Bardella au salon de l'agriculture… et en campagne. MAXPPP – Vincent Isore

Four months before the European elections, Jordan Bardella will spend two days at the agricultural show and respond to attacks from Emmanuel Macron who targeted his party during his visit on Saturday.

Emmanuel Macron spent thirteen hours on Saturday at the agricultural show despite the clashes, demonstrations, jeers and whistles behind the police lines, Jordan Bardella plans to go there stay… two days!

The president of the National Rally arrived this Sunday morning at the largest farm in France, in order to set up a remote match with the presidential camp. The Head of State himself launched hostilities, targeting the RN in his remarks to denounce "its project of degrowth and stupidity"< /em> and indirectly accusing the party of manipulating the agricultural movement, through the Rural Coordination union.

Before Marine Le Pen expected on Wednesday, Jordan Bardella should first take advantage of this Sunday to wander from one hall to another, meeting exhibitors and visitors. An obviously very thoughtful sequence to offer the media the image of a popular elected official. No whistles greeted the president of the RN this Sunday morning. Monday will be more institutional, with a series of meetings scheduled by the party's agriculture gentleman, the deputy for Gironde, Grégoire de Fournas. 

"An agricultural exception"

With less than four months before the European elections, this visit is very important for Jordan Bardella. If in the past, the National Front hardly attracted the farmers' vote because of its desire to leave Europe, now the RN hopes to capitalize on peasant anger to capture an electorate which remains generally right-wing . In the 2022 presidential election, only around 10% of farmers voted for Marine Le Pen, compared to 30% for Emmanuel Macron.

 "We are against punitive ecology and unfair competition", summarizes Grégoire de Fournas, two subjects which are at the center of farmers' concerns. Jordan Bardella has often mentioned a concept "of agricultural exception", presented as a rampart to this competition which sees foreign products not subject to French standards entering the national market.

He is therefore indeed a president of the RN in the campaign, who will wander for two days in the largest farm in France.

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