Alès Cryo, well-being through the cold and for everyone

Alès Cryo, well-being through the cold and for everyone

Haider Bougourzi, marathonien et entrepreneur installé route d'Uzès. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Le marathonien et entrepreneur Haider Bougourzi propose des soins par cryothérapie. Le centre est ouvert aux sportifs, pour la récupération physique, comme à Monsieur et Madame tout le monde dans l'obectif de soulager des sensations de douleurs d'ordre musculaires et articulaires.

He knows endurance. During his last marathon Haider Bougourzi broke a time of 2h38. And the creation of a cryotherapy center, open since April 11, is no stranger to this need to recover in order to start again, light, towards other sporting challenges such as the Berlin marathon next September.
" Before starting out, I tried cryotherapy for my own recovery, specifies the thirty-year-old from Saint-Florent-sur-Auzonnet. I had to go to Les Angles for that, and I noticed that there was no equipment of this type in a town like Alès< /em>. "
After four months of training within the company Cryojet, in Paris, in order to master the safety rules in the use of liquid nitrogen, Haider Bougourzi offers whole body cryotherapy sessions.
Immersed in a cryo-cabin after taking blood pressure, the injection of liquid nitrogen allows the temperature to drop to approximately -140 °C. The sessions of approximately three minutes, Haider Bougourzi remains at your side, then allow you to create " a thermal shock " i.e. a vasoconstriction, then vasodilation at the end of the session.
The phenomenon of intense cold then helps stimulate the body's natural healing abilities.
If athletes use it regularly, its practice becomes more widespread and is available to people suffering from rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis or fibromyalgia. In addition, cryolipolysis sessions are offered, the cold is then used to reduce fatty areas or even pressotherapy promoting blood and lymphatic circulation.

Alès Cryo, 989, route d’Uzès in Alès. Such. 07 60 58 51 35. I subscribe to read more

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