Alès finds success and a smile

Alès finds success and a smile

Alès finds success and a smile

Baana Jaba, premier buteur à Pibarot depuis 449 minutes. E. D.

National 2/23e journée. Voilà 210 jours qu’Alès n’avait pas gagné à domicile, en championnat. La série noire est rompue depuis ce samedi.



Stade Pierre-Pibarot.

Half-time: 0-0.

Referee: M. Bonnot.

Goal for Alès:< /b> Baana Jaba (51st).

Warnings in Alès: Moreau (85th), Duponchelle (90th).

Warnings in Fréjus: Maamar Ben Hadjar (73rd, 75th).

Expulsion to Fréjus: Maamar Ben Hadjar (75th).

< p>ALES: Moreau – Yalaoui (Duponchelle, 46th), Khemais, Nadifi, Djabou (cap) – Dabo, Franco (Kich, 89th), Ben Nasr (Husson, 89th) – Baana Jaba, Abelinti, Correa (Balmy, 68th).

Olympique d’Alès won a home victory against Fréjus which it had lacked for more than seven months (1-0). From the start of the match the Blues rushed towards Vermot's goals and narrowly missed the opportunity to open the scoring through Franco (1st), Correa (2nd) and Yalaoui (4th). A well-taken free kick from Franco finds no takers (10th). Fréjus only made their first entry into the local area after twelve minutes. The Alésiens continue their pressing and a header from Dabo goes wide (16th).

Fréjus will gain the upper hand and create numerous opportunities: Kalla finds Moreau on his chemin (19th), a header from Mouillon narrowly missed the target (27th) before a shot from Khous was deflected at the last moment for a corner (32nd). Bongo Be Ondo then places a header wide (35th) then Mayela forces Moreau into a beautiful flight (41st).

The break comes after a final intervention by Moreau on a header from Dadoune (45th). Back on the field, the Alésiens will be rewarded with a shot from Abelinti deflected by Vermot on Baana Jaba which scores the first Alésien goal of 2024 in the championship on the Cévennes lawn, after 449 minutes without a goal (1-0, 51st) . From then on the game will change rhythm, neither team managing to change the score.

The Varois will even be reduced to ten on a double gesture of humor from a defender (75th). Braced in front of their goal, the Alésiens will defend tooth and nail, Moreau making two saving saves in added time. This success, although late, still keeps them alive. They moved up a place in the standings a week before traveling to Chamalières, which is three points ahead of them. "These three points are good for morale. We played a serious match and found our collective strength at the right time to win, says Christophe Bosne-Vialet who is acting as Hakim Malek, who is suspended.< /p> I subscribe to read more

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