Amandine Le Pen, Lena Maréchal… fake accounts generated by AI that promote the far right

Amandine Le Pen, Lena Maréchal… fake accounts generated by AI that promote the far right

An AI-generated face with the features of Marion Maréchal, applied to the body of an influencer to give the illusion of a real account. Tiktok Capture

On Tiktok, accounts of young women called Amandine Le Pen or Léna Maréchal Le Pen promote the RN or Reconquête. But these are indeed fake accounts, “deepfakes”, generated by artificial intelligence.

Be careful not to fall into the trap, the Le Pen family doesn't have a bunch of nieces you've never heard of who would suddenly start promoting the family party on social networks .

Call to vote for Europeans

On Tiktok, profiles generated by artificial intelligence, which look like two drops of water to Marine Le Pen or Marion Maréchal. If in the bio of these accounts, the fact that they are generated by artificial intelligence is specified, the number of subscribers is impressive.

Léna Maréchal for example, has more than 32,000 subscribers. If these accounts call to vote for Jordan Bardella in the Europeans, promote the National Rally and Reconquest, the party of Eric Zemmour to which Marion Maréchal-Le Pen joined, all have refuted everything link to these accounts indicates BFM.

These accounts have been reported. Moreover, the account @amandineeette, which presented itself as Amandine Le Pen, is now untraceable.


These videos, more or less realistic, are what we call "deepfakes". Content that uses an original video, to which a different face is applied using AI, to give the illusion that the person whose face we see is the one doing what we see in the video.


RN 2027ud83cuddebud83cuddf7u2764ufe0f#lepen #marechal

u266c original sound – User30002

As shown in the Huffington post, for example, Léna Maréchal's account uses the videos of a German influencer, Anna Aurélia .

The accounts which are at the origin of these videos are completely anonymous and have not responded to requests from our colleagues.

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