Amateur rugby: the Vendres-Lespignan-Sauvian Entente faces a big challenge to start its final phase of Federal 3

Amateur rugby: the Vendres-Lespignan-Sauvian Entente faces a big challenge to start its final phase of Federal 3

Pecherand and his teammates face a major challenge. -EVLS

After a good regular season, the Entente Vendres-Lespignan-Sauvian faces a big client in the 32nd final, RC Draguignan.

They've been waiting for this for a year. Since April 30, 2023 and a surprise defeat against the Gersois of L’Isle-en-Dodon on their lawn at the Zizou-Vidal stadium, the Vendro-Lespignanais have not stopped thinking about it. They are back in the final phase.

After the departure of a few executives and a turnover of players during the offseason,"We were told that hell would be in this group, almost going downhill", says Nicolas Tisané, one of the coaches of the cartel. But never out of the top 5, this season, the green and white have never really shaken, with a nice record of twelve victories, one draw and five defeats.

"We managed to collect points when we needed , recalls the technician. There is a match that leaves us with regrets, the one that escaped us at home against Rivesaltes (21-25), on the penultimate day of the championship."

This defeat certainly costs second place to the Béziers suburbs. Despite everything, the players of the cartel were able to stay the course to win the third qualifying place directly for the 32nd finals, by a breath in front of the Catalans of Elne.

" If it rains “like a cow pissing” and it’s wind… "

"At the end of the season, the boys clung to the ambitions they gave themselves the right to have", welcomes Tisané, who shares coaching with Fransino, Arvieu and Roca.

How strong is this group, compared to the previous exercise ? "The difference lies in a more mature group. The defeat and elimination of last season, we used it to grow", he explains.

At the Zizou-Vidal stadium in Vendres, other green and white players will arrive on Sunday: those of RC Draguignan. The Varois are cut out for the upper echelon and have proven it throughout their regular season.

In a group 7 which they dominated head and shoulders with sixteen successes for only two losses, the Dracénois refined their game to be ready at this time of the year , enough to complicate the task of the EVLS.

"The boys are determined to do better than last year, so skip this round, promises Nicolas Tisané. We know that it plays well in the face… It’s good to play ball, but if it rains “like a cow pissing” and it’s wind… I'm not sure it helps."

By chance of the draw, Vendro-Lespignanais and Dracénois will also face each other in the 32nd final of Excellence B, this Sunday, in Monteux. I subscribe to read more

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