Amateur rugby: “We’ll realize it once we get back”, Jacou achieves a historic promotion to Federal 2

Amateur rugby: “We’ll realize it once we get back”, Jacou achieves a historic promotion to Federal 2

Mathieu Cabanié prendra sa retraite sur le devoir accompli de la montée. Christine Milles.

After a well-controlled first leg at home (35-12), the Jacoumards won in Seine-et-Marne 28-12 to secure a ticket for the Fédérale 2. From the week Next, they will play a round of 16 in Fédérale 3, on neutral ground, to continue dreaming

They will be in Federal 2, after fifteen years of waiting. Overwhelmed by joy, the elders find it hard to believe it: “We'll realize once we get back!”, laughs the Baptiste Blanc heel .

In five matches, Jacou went from outsider to robust competitor then contender destined for this rise: “We were playing far away, on large scores, that cuts a little the’ enthusiasm, but what pride to hang up the crampons like this”.

"Years of hardship"

The Jacoumarde defense rendered the GTO's long attacks sterile with well-combined offensive tackles between its lines. An attack made of hand-hand actions, a hinge that quickly opens wide, lures in the center as standards: “Jacou, it's been years of trouble, remembers the second row Mathieu Cabanié, not leaving the pools, seventh places, maintaining ”. “Then luck changes, agrees White,we felt that we deserved what we did”.

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And always this bench which never distorts the intensity: “There is a crazy next generation. We are both almost ten years apart from some people and yet the understanding is there, continues Blanc.

"We want our names in the clubhouse!"

Stifled, the GTO was unable to destabilize a club which had been built on its travels: “After an average start to the season, the key match is the victory on the wire at Cavaillon, where we settle fourth, pointe Cabanié.

If the adventure continues in eighth grade, Baptiste and Mathieu already know what they will leave behind: “I passed twelve years of following those who had risen in honor to Federale 3. We give back to them what they instilled in us, assures the first. “We are concretizing the fact of going to see our colleagues in the Federal Government two next year… But we want our names in the clubhouse! ”, concludes the second.

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