An “administrative” municipal council, the new team is finding its feet in Pont-Saint-Esprit

An "administrative" municipal council, the new team is finding its feet in Pont-Saint-Esprit

Le deuxième conseil municipal de l’ère Bouvier s’est tenu jeudi soir. Correspondant – Midi Libre

An "administrative" municipal council, the new team is finding its feet in Pont-Saint-Esprit

Le maire Gérome Bouvier et ses adjoints. Correspondant – Midi Libre

Il y avait vingt-et-une délibérations à l’ordre du jour, notamment l’élection des membres du conseil municipal dans diverses commissions (internes) ou instances (externes).

Around fifty Spiripontans attended the second municipal council of the Bouvier era, Thursday evening, in the village hall of the Pépin barracks. A calm and studious session, which lasted a little over two hours, during which the new team showed that it was slowly but surely getting its bearings. The agenda was essentially dedicated to the election of members of the municipal council in various internal and external bodies, and to the creation of municipal and extra-municipal commissions. Claire Lapeyronie (Pont d’first) warned from the outset that "for this administrative council, we will vote on all decisions", with Daniel Mouchetant. As for the leader of the RN group, Emmanuel Le Pargneux, he raised two points: the fact that at least three members are needed to constitute a municipal group, or Pont initially does not ; has only two seats, and on the rules for the distribution of seats in committee. Mayor Gérome Bouvier responded : "The services have carried out the calculations. For the commissions, it is a proportional distribution." Example : for the municipal representatives on the CCAS board of directors, the’ majority team obtains six seats, Renouveau spiripontain and Pont first one seat each. For the first question, "I didn't know", Gérome Bouvier will provide a response later. On this point, Claire Lapeyronie shared in the assembly that she did not need the RN to worry about her group. "We're taken care of." The twenty-one deliberations were all voted unanimously. The RN voting for its representatives for appointments or sometimes abstaining.

Working groups on other themes

The municipal commissions “Urban planning, major projects and commerce”, “Jeunesse-solidarités” and “Finance, administrative affairs and security”. Each group presented its candidates. An extra-municipal fairs and markets commission, made up of eight municipal councilors and elected officials and four qualified external people (who "will be designated by order of the mayor"), was also created. Emmanuel Le Pargneux noted: "We are surprised by the low number of commissions and that certain important themes such as unsanitary conditions, health, sport, education, culture are not taken into account." "Some will be in the “Finance, administrative affairs” and we are considering creating working groups, replied Gérome Bouvier. We've been here three weeks…"

Before the closing of the session, Emmanuel Le Pargneux asked two questions: on the section “Free Expressions” which was no longer on the town hall site, "is it possible to put them back ?", affirmative answer. And on the closure by the prefecture of the collective reception of minors from the Muslim cultural association. "We were not included in this control. We are waiting to know the security conditions that will result from this", concluded the mayor.

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