An alternative medicine center in the heart of Rabelais in Béziers

An alternative medicine center in the heart of Rabelais in Béziers

Tous guidés par la même envie du partage pour faire avancer les patients dans leur parcours de soins. J.-P A. – Midi Libre

Twelve practitioners offer twenty disciplines of alternative medicine in the heart of Rabelais in Béziers to maintain a complementary link with the doctors who have been practicing there for years.

When Jusiane Farenq decided to set up as a naturopath in Béziers, she immediately had the idea of ​​working in a group. The idea: to enable several practitioners to come together on a site that makes sense. The location has been found: it will be at the Le Rabelais medical center. This is the starting point. Then, we had to find and convince colleagues. So Jusiane decides to post an ad on Boncoin. And it worked. "I wanted to create a concept that made sense, she explains. Getting practitioners to work together. Let ideas cross paths on practices, on treatments… In short, being surrounded by doctors (at the Le Rabelais center) was already very important and enabling us to work together, with specialties very different, could only bring something more to the heart of the same establishment. It seemed important to me to put in place projects and solutions for the people to whom we brought well-being. I have always wanted to bring together many practitioners to go against or meet modern medicine. All this in the interest of the patient."

Twenty specialties in the center of Rabelais

Little by little, an alchemy was created between a group of alternative medicine specialists. And this is how twelve practitioners began to work together to offer twenty specialties. All with the same approach to health, namely, favoring contact, having a global and in-depth approach to ailments and trying to resolve the symptoms as best as possible. So at Rabelais, we will meet sexologists who are also psychologists, a masseuse, an osteopath, a sound therapist, a naturopath, a specialist in mindfulness meditation and even a reflexologist and others. They are not present on site on a daily basis and take turns every day, or almost so that the center is open as much as possible. Some recognize it, they were seduced by Jusiane's freshness and desire to move forward. "She has a very particular approach to caring for others. We get involved because she is full of energy and her vision is very interesting and always focused on the patient."

Atypical journeys

At the heart of the center, we find specialists who have atypical backgrounds. Frédéric was a refrigeration engineer. He gave up everything to study for five years and become an osteopath. Marion was a nurse, she works on functional psychology. Natacha was a beautician, she gave up everything to devote herself to self-knowledge and mindfulness meditation, Véronique worked for the pharmaceutical industry, she changed her life to become a reflexologist and work on smoking and smoking cessation. sugar with Justine. She, the youngest at the center, started studying medicine to stop everything and turn to naturopathy and sports dietetics. She is currently completing her studies for the latter specialty. And life changes, in this center, there are, as you wish. They all have this thing in common: putting aside past life, stress, speed, to work for the long term.

Without contacts, without passions, no solutions

This may sound cliché but they assure us: "Without contacts, without passions, without discussions, there is no has no solution for the people who trust us. Everyone insists on this point."We are not doctors, but we can bring comfort to these people. We are there for that. Alone, everyone in their own corner, it’s very limiting. Together, we can contribute a lot and make the center's specialties known to guide people. All these practices are complementary to medicine. We practice integrative medicine, that is to say we integrate conventional medicine and the patient into their care pathway."

From March 21 to 24, everyone will take turns on a stand at the well-being fair which will be held at the Béziers exhibition center. On April 27,   From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., they have planned an open day at their center where interested people can meet the specialists if they haven't had time to come to the show.< /p> Contact: and telephone numbers to make an appointment with a practitioner on the website I subscribe to read more

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