An explosive waste hunt in the Grisettes district of Montpellier

An explosive waste hunt in the Grisettes district of Montpellier

Les déchets récupérés. D.R.

Des kilos de déchets ont été récupérés par les bénévoles.

Samedi 23 avril, une vingtaine de volontaires a participé à l’opération de nettoyage organisée par le comité de quartier. Aux détritus habituels, se sont ajoutés des vélos et trottinettes cassés, venant grossir les rangs des vingt sacs poubelle amassés.

Bottles of nitrous oxide

But what made the biggest impression was the discovery of numerous bottles of nitrous oxide. This gas, dangerous and toxic, is unfortunately diverted from its initial use by some, thus posing significant risks to health and the environment.

A distressing observation

Yaré Diagne, the president of the neighborhood committee, expresses his dismay at this situation: "We note, not without sadness, a constant increase, of ;one year on the next, quantities of waste collected. This is a distressing observation. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the volunteers who helped remove this waste from our streets, showing a remarkable commitment to the preservation of our environment", explains -he.

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