“An incredible experience”: Enzo Donis (ex MHSC, ASB, Sète) talks about his new life in Congo

“An incredible experience”: Enzo Donis (ex MHSC, ASB, Sète) talks about his new life in Congo

“An incredible experience”: Enzo Donis (ex MHSC, ASB, Sète) talks about his new life in Congo

After having held the position of assistant in several clubs in the region, Enzo Donis joined the Congo last February. AS Vita Club

Having worked in particular at MHSC, FC Sète 34 and ASB, Enzo Donis has been enjoying a new adventure since February in one of the biggest clubs in Congo.

Enzo Donis, how do we go from Louis Michel in Sète to AS Vita Club in the Democratic Republic of Congo?< /p>

I was left with two complicated seasons in National. I could have signed at the start of the year with Fenerbahçe (Turkey) to become a set-piece coach. But that didn't happen and at the end of January, I received an offer from a club in Moroccan D1 where I had planned to join. It was at that moment that I found myself talking with Abdeslam Ouaddou and he offered me, following this discussion, to accompany him in the The adventure of the AS Vita Club. Everything happened very quickly. I received the proposal on Tuesday and I left on Saturday, after having completed the expatriation procedures as quickly as possible.

Why did you decide to accept this challenge?

I've wanted to experience an adventure of this dimension for a long time. I have already moved around quite a bit in my young career, whether in France or in Europe. But I absolutely wanted to have an experience in Africa, where football and culture are very different. So of course, it took me some time to adapt. It’s important to know how to absorb certain things to better understand the players and everything that happens around the club. But after a few weeks, I can already say that it is an absolutely incredible human and sporting experience. We play in big stadiums and with extraordinary popular support, it's pretty crazy to experience. Last Sunday, we played the Classico against Tout Puissant Mazembe, these are moments that we never forget.

You have discovered a new world since your arrival. What can this adventure bring you??

Lots of things. I am well aware that I am still young, I very quickly found myself thrust onto a National bench and even having to take a temporary job. Over all these years, I have met incredible people and sometimes bad people too. But all these stages of my career have allowed me to grow and learn. Even if I often have the label of the boy who changes clubs every season, I would not change for the world what I have been doing since the age of 16 and this journey that is mine.< /p>

Do you have a career plan ?

Yes, I know where I want to go. I already hope to finalize my diplomas and have the UEFA Pro before my 30th birthday. Knowing that the most important thing for me is to continue to live from my passion and work alongside great people. This is what I was looking for when I signed with Vita and I will do everything to continue moving forward and immerse myself in this environment.

Despite the 8000 kilometers that separate you from the region, are you still attentive to what is happening on the grounds of Occitanie  ?

Obviously. In particular, I continue to follow the results of my old clubs, I still have a lot of friends there. In particular, I became a supporter of Gallia Club Lunel, since Nicolas Le Bellec, with whom I worked in Sète, became its coach. I love my region and that will always be the case!

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