“An industrial future is possible”: the Occitanie Region has signed a sales agreement for the purchase of the Sam foundry in Viviez

“An industrial future is possible”: the Occitanie Region has signed a sales agreement for the purchase of the Sam foundry in Viviez

une nouvelle vie attend ce site de 17 000 mètres carrés de foncier à Viviez en Aveyron. Midi Libre – Midi Libre

Le site industriel aveyronnais de 17 000 mètres carrés, à l’arrêt depuis 2021, devrait devenir propriété de la Région Occitanie dans le courant du mois de mai, afin de lui redonner une seconde vie.

The former aluminum foundry for the automobile industry, Sam in Viviez, in the industrial area of ​​Decazeville in Aveyron, is preparing to experience a new life. Promised on multiple occasions, the factory has been shut down since 2021 after the defection of Renault, its only client, then the sidelining of the management of the factory. Chinese owners, the future seemed bleak for the site.

But it was without taking into account a desire to preserve the industrial tool of the ex-SAM of the Occitanie Region. Carole Delga, president of the community, promised to continue investing in this area. She has just signed the sales agreement for the 17,000 square meters of land in the old factory to become its owner within a few weeks.

Discussions initiated to market the site

According to the Tribune, the amount would be around 460,000 euros. The site complements the production tools (fusion furnaces, around ten overhead cranes, cooling systems) already purchased in 2023 “in order to relaunch a foundry activity in Viviez-Decazeville& ;quot;.

Once owner, the Occitanie Region, through its economic agency AD’OCC and Business France for the international side, will market the site to allow one or more companies to reinvest places to preserve the industrial fabric of the basin. "Discussions have already been initiated with companies in the Mecanic Valley looking for land to develop their activities, with start-ups with strong industrial potential who are looking for sites to industrialize their solutions"< /em>, underlines the Region in a press release.

Still plenty of time

The Region's commitment is accompanied by that of the State as part of the ’Sites France 2030" call for projects. As part of the reindustrialization of the country, the factory will be labeled a “turnkey” site. But this 2027-2030 horizon still leaves many years of waiting before new activities see the light of day.

For Carole Delga, more determined than ever to save jobs in the Decazeville basin and who did everything possible to avoid the closure of the site, she remains "convinced that there is a future industrial is possible…. This is an important step which is part of our desire to reindustrialize the country. We are working to ensure that other industrial projects of the future see the light of day in the region.

6 sites in Occitanie labeled “turnkey France 2030”

With the former SAM site in Aveyron, that makes six sites labeled "turnkey France 2030" in Occitania. The other sites selected are: the former Arcelor Mittal wasteland reclassified as an industrial hub Laudrun-L’Ardoise (Gard), the Pyrénia site à Ossun (Hautes-Pyrénées), the Gabriélat 2 site & Pamiers (Ariège), the Mazeran Genvia site Béziers (Hérault), the Portes du Tarn site à Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe (Tarn). Labeling, a mandatory step to apply for the call à project "Friches" of the Green Industry law, aims &at accelerate the mobilization of industrial land.

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