An inmate found dead, killed in front of a deal point, the breeder of the “cutting throat” dog in detention: the main news in the region

An inmate found dead, killed in front of a deal point, the breeder of the “cutting throat” dog in detention: the main news in the region

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Nonagenarian slaughtered by a dog: the breeder in pre-trial detention

#GARD The breeder of the Argentinian mastiff who killed Annette Guibal, the former mayor of Canaules -et-Argentières, this Tuesday, May 28, was indicted for involuntary manslaughter and placed in pre-trial detention. One of his dogs, wandering in the cemetery, attacked the nonagenarian, while she was coming to put flowers on a grave.

Three other people were taken into custody in connection with this fatal attack. The 18-year-old trainee is also indicted for manslaughter. But she was left free.

The breeder's two sons, 19-year-old twin brothers, were placed under judicial supervision. They were allegedly called by their mother to remove the dog from the cemetery before the arrival of the police, then cleaned the animal to remove traces of blood.

Coming to fight, he is killed in front of a deal point

#BÉZIERS On Wednesday evening, a man aged around 20 died in the La Devèze district. He was probably crushed by his accomplices, who fled. According to sources close to the investigation, these individuals came from Vaucluse to fight it out in Béziers.

The victim got out of the car in front of the deal point, with a submachine gun. She was immediately attacked by "the dealers of the staircase", as we would call the deal point, rue Jean-Franco.

Immediately, the four individuals who remained in the car accelerated and ran over their colleague. Two of them have already been arrested, the other two are actively sought.

He commits suicide in prison before being tried for murder

#HERAULT An inmate was found dead on Wednesday at the Gasquinoy penitentiary center. The guards discovered the prisoner inanimate, with a pair of socks in his mouth and a bag on his head. He allegedly wrote the reasons for his suicide on the walls of his cell. Jean-Claude Bergès was to be tried in June, at the assizes.

He was accused of having killed his partner and her daughter, in the Canal du Midi, in Vias. They were both wealthy heiresses to a real estate developer.

The number of the day: 1

#AVEYRON/LOZÈRE This is in millions the number of annual visitors to the site of the Gorges du Tarn, de la Jonte and causses. It has just been labeled Grand Site de France, after having requested it almost twenty years ago.

Numerous actions have been carried out to improve the reception of the public, promote the participation of the population and partners in the life of this site while reconciling the preservation of the landscape.

The alert from the presidents of CCI for experimental wind power

#OCCITANIE The presidents of the chambers of commerce and industry of Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales, ;rsquo;Hérault and du Gard sent a letter, on May 21, to the Head of State in order to question him on "the need to support the implementation of floating wind projects in the Mediterranean". And this, urgently, announces L’Indépendant.

They particularly ask President Macron "that corrective action be put in place to take into account the effects of inflation and the context geopolitical and that the State allows the completion of these projects essential to the structuring of the French industrial sector.

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