“An intense burn”: a man unwraps his bananas bought at the supermarket and is stung by a scorpion

“An intense burn”: a man unwraps his bananas bought at the supermarket and is stung by a scorpion

Un Canadien a été piqué par un scorpion retrouvé dans des bananes qu’il venait d’acheter. Pixabay – andrey_barsukov

A resident of Laval, a suburb of Montreal, Canada, was stung by a scorpion found in bananas he had just bought at the supermarket, this Sunday, March 24, 2024. ;An investigation must be opened by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

A funny discovery. Canadian Benoît Sanscartier was stung by a scorpion this Sunday, March 24, 2024, around 3 p.m., at his home in Laval, a suburb of Montreal. The arachnid hid in a bag of bananas that the man had just bought at the Costo supermarket in the neighboring town of Boisbriand;

"I thought I cut myself on the packaging then I saw the scorpion on the counter. He was alive.", he reveals on TVA Nouvelles< /strong>. A phenomenon which is nevertheless not so surprising in Canada.

He explains that he felt "an intense burning". "It’was really very painful", he adds, emphasizing that it’is twice as painful as the injection of a wasp.

"Banana scorpion"

This specimen nicknamed the "Banana scorpion" is "imported from the southern United States or Central America and is frequently found on bananas or grapes" explained Etienne Normandin, entomologist at the University of Montreal, before adding: “In these countries, the fruits are placed in carts or in large warehouses. Scorpions can intrude and be transported here", cited by TVA Nouvelles.

The bananas purchased by Benoît Sanscartier came from Guatemala.

Benoit Sanscartier was taken care of by the emergency services and subsequently contacted the Cosco supermarket where he had made this purchase in order to obtain explanations. "They told me they only had a protocol for employees. This is the first time they saw this for a client".

An investigation soon to open

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency must launch an investigation to understand how the scorpion was able to escape the vigilance of those responsible for managing the goods. These situations still remain rare and the Canadian system does everything to avoid them.

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