An overall successful 2023-2024 season at all levels for the Entente Nord Lozère club

An overall successful 2023-2024 season at all levels for the Entente Nord Lozère club

Deux cent quatre-vingt-neuf licenciés pour la saison 2023-2024. Midi Libre – DR

Malgré l’absence de titre pour cette saison 2023-2024, avec une élimination en Coupe du Cantal, en Coupe Laura et une deuxième place en championnat, l’Entente Nord Lozère a réalisé une bonne saison très prometteuse pour l’avenir de tout le club.

The season is over for the Entente Nord Lozère who finished in second place in Pool A of Regional 2 of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes League. Despite a very good season, the green and white did not manage to reach first place and Regional 1. They finished with 49 points, just two; small units of US Brioude.

L’ENL finishes best attack

After a fairly mixed start to the season for the Lozériens, having suffered 4 defeats and 1 draw, Lilian Condon's men re-mobilized after the winter break. They continued to gain strength, stringing together major victories while only suffering a defeat against US Brioude. After the disillusionment of the previous year, the Énélistes were able to progress all together and were not unworthy. The ENL therefore finished best attack with 69 goals scored and second best defense with only 17 goals conceded.

As for the Coupe du Cantal, another major meeting for the ENL, the Lozériens will not have succeeded in achieving the feat of winning the trophy again but will come out heads held high in the semi-final after a very good run. "It’s a very successful season but with some regrets over the first part of the season, confides coach Lilian Condon in front of his players . I am very happy to see this senior group evolve on the field but also off it. This is very encouraging for the future."

"This season went very well overall"

As for the two other senior men's teams, the reserve team finished 4th in D1 with 39 points after a satisfactory season overall despite a few missteps, team 3, , managed to barely stay in D3 after a very complicated start to the season.

This season, the Entente Nord Lozère will have brought together 289 licensees around its colors, shared between around ten teams of all categories, male but also female . "This season has gone very well overall, declared Lilian Condon during the last general assembly. I would like to thank on behalf of the club all the educators because I know that this requires a lot of personal investment." 

All members of the club present also greatly thanked Philippe Bonnal and Hervé Brugeron, who are leaving the presidency at the end of the season after many years of loyal service.

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