An unknown woman tries to steal a car with a child inside: the video filmed in the parking lot of a store in Agde

An unknown woman tries to steal a car with a child inside: the video filmed in the parking lot of a store in Agde

Léa and Juan, a Franco-Spanish couple who live in Barcelona, ​​were enjoying a few days of rest in the Hérault seaside resort. An incredible mishap that could have ended badly ruined the stay.

That was about ten years ago. Léa, a young seasonal worker, was then working in Agde, at the Les Pescalunes campsite. The man who would become her husband, Juan, then worked for a Catalan company, which came to honor markets on the French side. Love at first sight.

Foot in the spokes of the bike

Ten years and one child later, the couple recently returned to Agde with friends, to spend a few days off at a campsite in Tamarissière. Without realizing that the family was going to experience a very unpleasant event.

From Barcelona where she lives today, Léa, first in an email then during a telephone conversation that we had with her this Thursday, June 6, recounted an incredible mishap which, in hindsight, could have gone wrong. "We took a bike ride to Bessan via the new cycle path", she says. "Unfortunately, our son Tristan’s foot got caught in the spokes of the rear wheel. He was bleeding, in pain and crying a lot. So my husband came back, took the car with the little one to buy some bandages."

A store open to find bandages

However, it is Sunday June 2 and for Juan, who still speaks a little of our language, it is not easy to know which of the city's pharmacies are open on the weekend. In his quest, he sees that the sign La Foir’Fouille is open and that he can possibly find a box of bandages. "Our two-year-old son, who had cried a lot, fell asleep on the way", continues his mother. "Juan didn't want to wake him and decided to leave him in the car with the air conditioning (and the keys in the ignition, therefore),< em> because it was quite hot, without taking your eyes off the vehicle. This is obviously something he never does, but the circumstances were unusual to say the least."

The car moves when dad is at the checkout!

Also unusual is seeing the car move on its own while the dad is at the store checkout. "At the time, he thought the handbrake was released." Until’ he notices that a stranger, who we see on the video, is going around the car without perhaps realizing that there is a child inside, took the wheel! Fortunately, Juan manages to run after her and get her out of the car.

"We see my husband pose for a few moments. He was in shock. He parked and tried to reason with this lady, who did not seem to be in a normal state." Feeling somewhat guilty, Léa’s husband did not want to file a complaint at first. "Finally, we called the police on Sunday evening, which made us realize that it was a little late."

The video images of the store are edifying

But the couple is determined not to give up and to do everything possible to ensure that "this dangerous person"< /em> can be identified quickly. "The next day, we went to the store to view the tapes from the CCTV cameras", continues Léa. "When I saw the video, I collapsed." While maintaining the lucidity necessary to return to the Agde police station, with supporting images, and file a complaint.

For Léa and Juan, it was an incredible fright. Tristan didn't even open his eyes when his dad got him out of this mess.

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