An unusual way to discover Sète: mini-boat rides are popular on the canals

An unusual way to discover Sète: mini-boat rides are popular on the canals

Le couple s’est lancé dans l’aventure l’an dernier. DR

Over the past year, Virginie and Loïc have been developing the concept of miniboats, equipped with a mini fleet, to discover the canals of Sète.

In recent days, many Sétois have been surprised to discover a strange parade on the canals of their city. On closer inspection, it was in no way a mother duck followed by her chicks (even if global warming tends to encourage the mutation of certain animals), but mini-boats that could be led individually, including by children.

A craze pronounced by the concept

This is the concept imagined by Virginie Fuchs and Loïc Di Marco, whose installation in Sète seemed obvious. As a couple in life, their wish to carry out a common project gave birth to a family of ten miniboats, very quickly acclaimed by an audience of all ages and all nationalities. "We were surprised to see the enthusiasm generated by this concept, both among adults and children."

Tourists from all over the world (Japan, Australia, America…) will have visited the "Venice of Languedoc" aboard Loïc and Virginie's minifleet, carrying in their luggage a souvenir off the beaten track. Powered by a small electric motor, not exceeding 6 km/h, they can be used without danger by children from eight years old, but also appeal to older children, from eight to four years old. twenty-eight years…

Italian charm

As for their look, far from resembling simple walnut shells cobbled together from odds and ends, it deliberately recalls the luxury of the famous Italian Riva boats made famous in certain films of the sixties.

"It’is 100 % “made in France”, with part “made in Sète& ;rdquo;, claims the couple, who are thinking about their development for 2024. Our projects ? Create various partnerships, notably with campsites, but above all develop an offer for groups."

"Indeed, since the advent of teleworking, companies need their employees to come together in order to rediscover the exchanges they had formerly around the coffee machine. However, as our fleet is small, we would like to offer other activities involving local stakeholders, our goal being to work together and not each on our own."

For now, walks for everyone's taste can be booked on their website. The adventure that began a year ago is promised, if the success already encountered is to be believed, to a bright future…

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