Anger of farmers: emergency aid of 50 million, GNR tax, Egalim law… we take stock of Gabriel Attal's announcements

Anger of farmers: emergency aid of 50 million, GNR tax, Egalim law... we take stock of Gabriel Attal's announcements

The Prime Minister notably announced 10 simplification measures. MAXPPP – Alexis Sciard

We take stock of the long-awaited announcements from Prime Minister Gabriel Attal in Haute-Garonne this Friday, January 26.

Highly anticipated, Gabriel Attal spoke at Montastruc-de-Salies in Haute-Garonne. The Prime Minister announced that he wanted &quot ;act on all fronts". "I am making a clear decision to drastically simplify our procedures", he first explained promising "10 immediate simplification measures I'm taking right now"

Among these 10 highly anticipated measures, we find in particular a "single administrative control" for operators, the "simplification of cleaning of agricultural watercourses", the end of the exceptional regime on the time limits for appeals against agricultural projects, or "the transition from 14 to a single regulation for agricultural hedges".

Emergency aid of 50 million

The head of government also announced "three very heavy sanctions"against companies that do not respect the Egalim law. The Prime Minister explained that he wanted to enforce the Egalim law "everywhere, without exception". The latter, however, did not give the names of the companies which will be sanctioned.

Finally, the end of the increase in the tax on non-road diesel (GNR) was also announced by Gabriel Attal.  The government also intends to provide money for emergency aid of 50 million euros intended for the organic sector in great difficulty. 

"I'm not going to let you go"

"We will double the emergency fund for Brittany", adds the Prime Minister who clarified at the same time that emergency veterinary aid to deal with diseases affecting cattle on farms will also be increased.

To conclude, Gabriel Attal announced his opposition to "the signing" of the controversial trade agreement between the EU and the Latin American countries of Mercosur. "The President of the Republic has always opposed it and we continue and will continue to oppose it, finished the leader of the government which intends "not to let go" of the farmers.

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