Anger of farmers: in Gard, a new demonstration announced this Thursday March 28

Anger of farmers: in Gard, a new demonstration announced this Thursday March 28

Les agriculteurs du Gard avaient mené une opération coup de poing le 23 février dernier, à la veille de l’ouverture du Salon de l’Agriculture. Midi Libre – Mickaël Anisset

"On February 2, farmers returned to their farms after days of unprecedented mobilization, revealing the deep agricultural malaise. Since then, we have been careful to ensure that the promises announced by the government come to fruition quickly. If certain measures are put in place, too many announcements remain unclear or are subject to procrastination."

Gathering and disruptions

While the Common Agricultural Policy is at the heart of all concerns in Brussels, on the ground, farmers do not see things moving forward. And they intend to show their anger once again, this Thursday, March 28. "Today, the farmers say stop. We want quick and concrete answers to our demands! We want our PAC aid to be paid as promised, launches the inter-union, which is calling for a rally in Nîmes from 8 a.m.

The farmers should thus begin their rally around the CHu Carémeau roundabout, and Boulevard Kennedy. Considering that the machines should come from several points in Gard, the Tango network announces disruptions from 6:30 a.m., in the Bezouce/Marguerittes sector, La Calmette (RN 106), CHU roundabout and boulevard Kennedy therefore, but also on Boulevard Allende up to the 7 hills and route de Beaucaire, towards the Zac de Grézan.

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