Antonin Games in Nîmes: the school Olympics give the starting point

Antonin Games in Nîmes: the school Olympics give the starting point

Une course de haies sous les encouragements de leurs camarades dans les gradins de Marcel-Rouvière. Midi Libre – Mikaël Anisset

Les jeux des Antonin, animations sportives organisées par la Ville pour les scolaires et le grand public, ont démarré ce lundi. Au programme, un challenge interclasses qui se poursuit ces mardi et jeudi.

This Monday, June 10, kick-off for the Antonin games! At the Marcel-Rouvière sports complex, students from Nîmes schools took part in the Olympics, which continue on Tuesday and Thursday. All day long, ten classes competed against each other. 60~em>"We wanted them to experience it as a challenge", explains Sylvain Barbut, head of the sports activities department at the City. "Their own Olympic Games." The event organized by the Sports Department will bring together& ;nbsp;"1 200 children over three days".

Olympic sports

"Me, me, me !" In laser shooting, the CE2 of the’ Samuel-Paty school rushes to try the rifle. "They are happy to discover", notes Marion Minier, the teacher. The children arrived by bus around 9 a.m. and had a picnic there. Each class practiced five sporting activities, one less than expected, including field hockey, fencing, handball and rugby.

Antonin Games in Nîmes: the school Olympics give the starting point

The students, the majority in CE2, tried mountain bikes and BMX bikes, provided by the town hall. Midi Libre – Mikaël Anisset

Only "exercises with disciplines that are in the Olympics", explains Stéphane Rodet, city ​​sports instructor. Also vice-president of the Nîmes Cyclisme club, he manages the BMX workshop. On the basketball courts below, disabled sports are highlighted.

"They want to win"

Wheelchair basketball is offered by the Departmental Handisport Committee (CDH), which is accustomed to working with schools. 45 minutes per class to "learn to move, to feel the chair", indicates the treasurer, Laurent Lachazette. Handling the chair is "a little bit hard"for Assia, in CE2 in Grézan.

Antonin Games in Nîmes: the school Olympics give the starting point

Handibasket was one of the Paralympic disciplines highlighted. Midi Libre – Mikaël Anisset

His mistress, Aline Challier, judges that "the Paralympic is completely in the spotlight". "It’s very well organized", she continues. This morning, an Olympic parade opened the Antonin games. The project "The little Gard dancers" hosted the ceremony, where each class carried a flag.

"We were Japan", says Nadia Derraz, enthusiastic mother who accompanies the CE2-CM1 of Émile-Gauzy. "They want to win." Precisely, the class and CE2-CM1 of André-Galan came first tied. The third step is won by the CE2 of Grézan.

Saturday, pitchouns and older will all have access to a sports area set up at the Jardins de la Fontaine.

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