Arm wrestling aces, huge blow to the “Curie”, threats against elected officials… the essential news in the region

Arm wrestling aces, huge blow to the "Curie", threats against elected officials... the essential news in the region

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An international arm wrestling competition

#LA GRAND-COMBE –On July 6, in La grand-Combe (Gard), a first international arm wrestling competition will be organized. In a few months, the Aigon room should be teeming with people for this event organized by Aude Delsaut, baker and arm wrestling champion, her companion, Mickaël Gromand, former “strongman” and coach of this sport. Both are the founders of the Alésien Sports Bras de Fer, affiliated with the French Force Federation. "Beyond the competition, the idea is to open this sport to the general public", explains Aude Delsaut. Popular in the United States or Kazakhstan, arm wrestling is starting to arrive in France, with a 47% increase in practitioners in 2023.

Avenue Curry… the physicist Pierre Curie renamed

#CARCASSONNE – "It stings." "Tomorrow, rue Arthur-Rambo, poet ?" Social networks quickly took over the incident from Carcassonne town hall. This week, two panels were installed on avenue Pierre-Curie, in the city of Aude, except that the famous physicist was renamed… Pierre Curry and was therefore spelled like the famous Indian spice. Thanks to an Internet user who spotted the municipal blunder, the signs were quickly removed on Saturday February 24. The municipality has indicated that new plates, this time without errors, will be replaced this Monday, February 26.

Three elected officials threatened in Beauvoisin

#GARD – In Beauvoisin, three elected officials of the town were targeted by anonymous threatening letters. During the night of Friday to Saturday February 24, their houses were sprayed with hydraulic oil. This is not the first incident of its kind in Beauvoisin. These elected officials – first deputy, deputy for urban planning and deputy for education – have already received threats. The first letters date from 2020, confides the town planning delegate, whose vehicle had been damaged. An investigation was entrusted to the gendarmerie and a support rally is organized this Monday, February 26.

Today’s number: 35

#LUNEL –This is in years the age of the replica of the Statue of Liberty, by Bartholdi, which sits on the Carrefour de la République in Lunel, in Hérault. Commissioned in 1889 for the commemoration of the French Revolution, but unbolted in 1941 to be melted down for the benefit of the Nazi occupiers, the current copy was returned to its place on February 25, 1989. On Sunday, elected officials and some Lunellois commemorated this event, which is part of the festivities of the 80th anniversary of the Liberation.

Antiwaste: a truck named Simone

#HEART OF HERAULT – Céline Barbier and Anne Saelens need you. At the wheel of their truck called Simone, the two friends lead an anti-food waste project called Les Fées Conserv’. Supported by Novel ID, they have just launched a crowdfunding operation to equip Simone with the essential equipment for the mobile processing workshop. "I am a jam maker. This has been my job for fifteen years. Every summer, I receive a lot of requests from local producers, who wish to transform their surplus production and unsold items", explains Céline Barbier. However, "the canneries present in the region are far away and cannot ensure small volumes. This is where the idea of ​​being nomadic and making jars of local fruits and vegetables was born, adds Anne Saelens. The network is already made up of around thirty producers. Production in the truck could begin in April… To help them, go to the Miimosa internet platform (Les Fées Conserv’).



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