Arrival of the flame in Montpellier: an impressive security system

Arrival of the flame in Montpellier: an impressive security system

An important device will surround the flame as it travels. Free Midi – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Two helicopters, drones and 1,500 agents will be deployed during the passage of the Olympic flame this Monday afternoon. 

"This is a unique and exceptional event. I am convinced that there will be a lot of people , explains François-Xavier Lauch, the prefect of Hérault. Before guaranteeing a unique security system.

Because the passage of the Olympic flame through Montpellier this Monday, May 13 will certainly be festive, but it will be subject to increased surveillance. 

Unable to reach the flame

Moreover, he warns at the outset: for those who think they can access the flame, the bearers and the convoy, they can give up. "The flame will be very supervised by a security bubble: guardians of the flame who will run, vehicles with armed forces, the GIGN, bikers… " 

There is a device to prevent reaching the flame, its bearers, but also to protect the spectators. "Even more so with the Emergency Attack, the highest alert level of the Vigipirate plan in force." Terrorist and protest threats are taken into account.

More than 1,500 security forces engaged 

For the passage of the flame and the thousands of spectators who will want to see it, some 1,535 police forces will be deployed for the event throughout the department, i.e. 1,088 police officers and 447 gendarmes engaged. 

Parking and traffic: take your precautions

All precautions should be taken this Sunday evening. And even more so this Monday. Already on the path of the flame as well as on the adjacent streets, parking of vehicles is prohibited. "From Sunday, you have to move your car. If a vehicle remains parked, it will be impounded and will even be checked by the mine clearance experts", it was announced by the prefecture which is not joking on the meeting and the security side. 

Roads closed two hours before

Also be careful when hitting the road. "Traffic will be blocked two hours before so that the security system can be put in place", adds Marjorie Ghizoli, the interdepartmental police director national.
As for public transport, trams and buses, major disruptions are expected between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., with delays and occasional line cuts. As for the car parks: that of Foch and that of Marché-aux-Fleurs will be closed.

Not to mention 180 firefighters, 4 mine clearance teams, 10 dog teams, Sentinel forces and 80 private security agents to carry out checks and pat-downs. There will also be two helicopters and seven drones for aerial surveillance.

And other prohibitions…

To have control over the path of the flame and ensure the effectiveness of the safety system, several orders have been issued. Including some banning demonstrations. "This does not mean that people who are against the Olympics will not be able to demonstrate, but they will be able to do so outside the course and with authorization"

The transport of certain chemicals or fireworks will be prohibited, like that of weapons and the flight of drones. "For those who would like to capture beautiful images of the flame using their device, they have been warned, the drone will be shot down. "

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