ARS Occitanie warns of the resurgence of measles cases in the Nîmes basin

ARS Occitanie warns of the resurgence of measles cases in the Nîmes basin

La vaccination contre la rougeole est obligatoire depuis 2018. Midi Libre – RICHARD DE HULLESSEN

12 cases of measles are confirmed, indicates the Regional Health Agency at Midi Libre.

This Monday morning, parents of students in Nîmes schools were able to receive this message from the Regional Health Agency, already delivered to early childhood staff. ;: "A measles case was declared to the services of the ARS on March 19, 2024. Since then, more than ten confirmed cases among unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated children under 2 years old are currently being investigated in the commune of Nîmes and the surrounding area."

A highly contagious viral disease

According to information collected by Midi Libre from the ARS, the number of confirmed cases stood at 12 in the Nîmes basin at the end of last week. Wishing to avoid the epidemic, the ARS recalls that "in this context of grouped cases of measles in the Gard and in order to protect your loved ones and in particular the most fragile who cannot benefit from vaccination protection (infants, immunocompromised people, etc.), it is recommended to check if you and/or your child have had measles or if you have been vaccinated (2 doses).

Before reminding that measles "can cause serious complications. It's a highly contagious viral disease that usually manifests as a fever with signs of cough, rhinitis and conjunctivitis followed by a rash."
Contagiousness begins 5 days before the start of the rash and extends until at least 5 days after the start of the rash.

Vaccination is compulsory for infants born since January 1, 2018. The first dose takes place at 12 months, the second between 16 and 18 months.

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