Arthur Cazaux: “I was still roasted, but I managed to get over the pain and it almost turned in my favor”

Arthur Cazaux: “I was still roasted, but I managed to get over the pain and it almost turned in my favor”

Arthur Cazaux s’arrête au premier tour. MAXPPP – LP/Olivier Lejeune

Arthur Cazaux a été un peu court physiquement pour renverser Tomas Martin Etcheverry, mardi 28 mai lors du premier tour de Roland-Garros, en étant tout de même satisfait du moment vécu avec le public du Suzanne-Lenglen.

How did you feel physically?

I knew it was going to be physically hard. There was a month and a half where I did my rehabilitation since my ankle injury. It was a bit of a rush to be ready for Roland-Garros. I wasn't able to prepare as well as possible in terms of physical conditions. Time was not on my side. I knew it was going to be tough physically. I gave the best of myself with the weapons of the moment. I'm happy because I was there from the start of the match. I had a good level of play.

Even though I was really struggling after 1 hour and 40 minutes of play, I made the effort. The public helped me a lot with that. I managed to get a second wind in the fourth. It didn’t pay off unfortunately. I made do with it. It’s certain that I would have preferred to arrive at Roland-Garros with more matches and to be better prepared. It was a small victory for me to participate in this tournament. I was happy to walk through this packed Lenglen with a crazy atmosphere. I had a lot of fun. It’s a defeat that will still serve me well. I'm going to gain some experience thanks to that. I will do my best so that next year I will be physically better and stronger.

What happened between the end of the third set and the start of the fourth?

I started having cramps from the third on. The first two sets, even though there were 6-3 and 2-6, they were very long. The first set lasted 55 minutes and the second 45. They were very long, very physical sets. I knew it was going to be a big fight against Thomas. It was physically hard. That’s why I called the physiotherapist so that he could try to massage me, give me cucumber juice, salt, so that the cramps try to go away.

"I got a second wind thanks to the public"

I struggled for two sets, it was tough. I was struggling with the fact that my rods weren't responding too much. The public felt it. In the middle of the fourth, when I got broken, they added even more voices. It’s something that really drives me and I love it. I got a second wind thanks to the audience. Afterwards, I managed to increase the intensity. I was still roasted, but I managed to get over the pain and it almost changed in my favor . Unfortunately, I wasn't good enough in my service games. But that's how it is. I'll say it again, they were incredible with me today. There was a crazy atmosphere.

And at the end of the match with the railing?

I wasn't good at that. I was so euphoric. I saw the ball and I told myself I could have it. I was angry about it because I said to myself: "Arthur, for the show, go get her. You never know". This is my philosophy. I don't like letting bullets go by. Even if I'm on the street, I'll always try to go get her. I didn't pay attention to the sign. I ate a lot of iron. It wasn’t pleasant. It hit the side of my ankle pretty good. I think it's more fear than harm.

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