Artisanal breweries are bringing back the taste of beer, in Montpellier and the surrounding area.

Artisanal breweries are bringing back the taste of beer, in Montpellier and the surrounding area.

Clotilde Peyrat et Clément Pardell ont créé leur brasserie l'an dernier à Lattes. ML – Dorian Cayuela

Particulièrement nombreuses sur le territoire montpelliérain, elles cherchent à se démarquer pour séduire de nouveaux consommateurs.

In the land of wine, beer is gaining a little more space every year! In France, the number of independent breweries has increased from around twenty in the 1980s to more than 2,500 today! In Hérault alone, there are around forty, the majority of which are in the east of the department.

Confirmation this Saturday, May 4 when a dozen of them participated in "Brasseries en fête", at Montcalm Park. Based in or around Montpellier, they are distinguished by their youth and the great freedom they give themselves to create original products. Without giving in to the easy way.

Malpolon, guarantee of quality

"We buy our malts and hops in France, from artisanal and organic producers, and we only work with seasonal fruits"< /em>, explains Gabriel Barros, brewer at Malpolon, whose emblem is the Montpellier snake. This brewery was opened in 2018 in Lavérune.

"We have a cellar where we mature our beers in around a hundred barrels. We are at 1,000 hectoliters per year. Consumers are looking for cheap beers, lagers or pilsners, but always want quality. It’s selling at the bar that works best. We also export to Quebec and Asia. We are three employees."

Pardell, beers of elegance

Clément Pardell and Clotilde Peyrat, married, were looking for a joint project. They achieved it last year by creating the Pardell brewery, in Lattes. "We were at 180 hectoliters produced last year and we are aiming for 300 this year, they say. We offer four elegant beers, but also other ephemerals".

Their recipe is unique since it is the result of the combination of a refined ingredient from gastronomy: timut pepper for pale ale, flower of ;rsquo;hibiscus for the white, American Citra hops for the Ipa, and vanilla pods from Madagascar for the amber.

Jivay Brewing in can mode

This brewery created in October 2022, is one of the three breweries associated with the Reservoir. She chose to stand out by selling in cans. "It’is a format to which the French are not yet accustomed, recognizes Maixent Halbert, employee. But you should know that this is the best way to preserve the very volatile hop aromas. It also saves space, and it’s a very decorative format. We also favor original tastes because consumers are demanding."

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