Artistic walks through the Agglo de Sète: who are the artists selected and where the works will be located ?

Artistic walks through the Agglo de Sète: who are the artists selected and where the works will be located ?

Nineteen artists selected for the Sète Agglopôle project, now well and truly launched. FREE NOON

Nineteen artists selected for the Sète Agglopôle project, now well and truly launched.

Twenty years, twenty works and artists invited to enhance the territory of the Thau basin. The project announced in 2023 by the president of Sète Agglopôle Méditerranée to celebrate the anniversary of "community dynamics in the territory"It is well underway, regardless of the absence of the European Capital of Culture label. The implementation of the first creations is planned for the end of 2024 and should last until 2026, as François Commeinhes revealed this Wednesday from the Poussan halls, in the presence of local elected officials and a good number of the selected artists. With this two million euro project, financed by Sète Agglopôle with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture, the president of the intercommunality hopes "to push the inhabitants of the territory to discover or rediscover the natural spaces and the remarkable architectural heritage of our towns and villages" through artistic trails designed in partnership with the Archipel de Thau tourist office.

Artistic walks through the Agglo de Sète: who are the artists selected and where the works will be located ?

Nineteen artists selected for the Sète Agglopôle project, now well and truly launched. FREE NOON

The recap' of artists by municipalities

Marseillan – Maxime Lhermet Mèze – Bob Vershueren and Élise Morin Villeveyrac – Robert Combas Loupian – François Liguori Bouzigues – Richard DiRosa Poussan – Andre Cervera Gigean – Jean Denant Balaruc-les-Bains – Elisa Fantozzi Sète – Françoise Petrovitch, Johan Creten, Chourouk Hriech and Fabrice Hyber Montbazin – Pedro Marzorati Frontignan La Peyrade – Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Hervé Di Rosa and Victoria Klotz Vic-la-Gardiole – Eve Laroche-Joubert Mireval – Agnes Rosse

Each town has its own artist

"This adventure is above all the meeting between an artist and a territory", warns Jean Denant. The Sétois, to whom we owe in particular the Mare Nostrumof the Leclerc promenade and the cladding of the brand new Pont des Arts, teamed up with the municipality of Gigean. His idea for a work of art in the Gardiole massif remains for the moment subject to validation by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. "Allier l&rsquo art and this grandiose natural landscape, that’s my first idea. But I also have in mind a pergola whose design would be based on the land register of the town, which the sun could project on the ground in a cast shadow."

If certain projects are still in the draft or note of intent stage – like that of Élise Morin in Mèze, of Eve Laroche-Joubert< /strong> in Vic-la-Gardiole or d’Agnès Rossein Mireval, others are already being created. Like the heritage trail designed in Poussan by André Cervera. Steel skits referring to the traditions of the town which will be installed on the facades of the historic center . In Villeveyrac, Robert Combas will pay homage to wine heritage through a ceramic fresco. In Bouzigues, Richard Di Rosa will install a four-meter sculpture on the square in front of the Étang de Thau museum when Élisa Fantozzi , at the neighboring Balaru, will take over the garden opposite the media library with its colorful creations.

Zoom on the four works from Sète

Focus. The singular island will be enriched with three new creations. On the Lido side, Marseillaise Chourouk Hriech imagined four totems to inscribe her memories of the city and the sea and guide the walker. In the shadow of the Théâtre de la Mer, Johan Creten should also install one of his pieces facing the sea. On the future Place Aristide Briand, the visual artist Fabrice Hyber, recently made a knight of the Légion d’ rsquo;honor and father of the Man of Bessines known throughout the world, should install two of his sculptures face to face. At the end of Boulevard Victor Hugo, finally, the small green space located at the corner of the station bridge will host “Dans mes mains”, a bronze by Françoise Petrovitch.

Others have chosen a more functional approach to integrate into natural spaces. For the banks of the Rhône canal in Sète, in Frontignan, Hervé Di Rosa imagined a large unique orientation table evoking the geography and history of the place. Still in Frontignan, but on the La Peyrade side, it is a giant seahorse imagined by Victoria Klotz which will serve as shelter for walkers. Same spirit further north, with the installation O’assis of the Argentinian Pedro Marzorati. A bench designed as a privileged observatory for admiring the Saint-Pierre chapel.

Four artistic walks through the territory

If art serves to create links between the municipalities of the Agglomeration, the intercommunal tourist office is responsible for creating links between works of art . A network which will take the form of four Artistic Walks in the Mediterranean (BAM). The first will take the visitor into the hinterland, on the "slopes of Thau" from Villeveyrac to Gigean via Poussan and Montbazin. The second is devoted to the ponds, of Frontignan of course, but also of Vic-la-Gardiole and Mireval. The third is dedicated to the shores of Thau (Marseillan, Mèze, Loupian, Bouzigues, Balaruc-le-Vieux and Balaruc-les-Bains), while the last will take place in  Sète.

“A sensitive link between art and heritage”

Until’à a few months ago still director of the national stage of Annecy, the Sétois Salvador Garcia is the artistic curator of the program. This Wednesday, he presentedé these artistic walks in the Mediterranean as "a sensitive link to connect the remarkable elements of heritage and natural sites thanks to the gaze of ;rsquo;artists who, for many, live in the Thau basin whereù have a connection with him."

A not so simple project à set up. "It’It’s never easy to choose the aesthetic of an artist to associate it with; a territory. We know in advance that it will not necessarily please everyone. everyone. But we are not talking here about purchasing existing works. The artists take part in the game of creation, after having exchanged with each other. at length with the elected officials. And çit worked!"

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