ASBH: “He’s been working hard for three years to get there”, with his group, manager Pierre Caillet took the time

ASBH: “He’s been working hard for three years to get there”, with his group, manager Pierre Caillet took the time

L’entraîneur principal veut mener les siens en finale. Midi Libre – Midi Libre

Sur le devant de la scène cette saison, le manager de l’ASBH Pierre Caillet a su se montrer patient pour façonner un plan de jeu et un groupe, pour jouer la montée.

He retired there in 2015, after three seasons in Pro D2, the original Isérois Pierre Caillet adopted the Béterroise philosophy. Having worked in the management of the training center, the former third line learned his lessons there, as a coach, with the young people of the ASBH, before joining at the start of 2020, the staff of the professional team.

At the end of the 2020-2021 season, he takes charge of the group, which is experiencing a complicated end to the season but manages to maintain itself. The following year, he became manager of ASBH. After two seasons finished in 9th place, the soft underbelly of Pro D2, Pierre Caillet attacked his third exercise in the aisles of the Raoul-Barrière stadium.

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"We gave Pierre Caillet time when everyone wanted his skin, explained in our columns, Mayor Robert Ménard (the club is owned by the city of Béziers). All of this leads to the success we are experiencing."
« He has been working with this group for three to four years, he has shaped this team in his own right and today, it is a pleasure to watch,” said sporting director Benjamin Bagate, after a success against Aurillac (54-14), early 2024.

"It brings a certain confidence to players in the sense of combat"

"His qualities went beyond those of a coach, notes William Van Bost, third line and vice-captain, at the club since 2019. It’s a job that he has undertaken for many years since he was also at the training center before and he took quite a few of his first team players." 

On a daily basis, the 43-year-old technician, who had refused the advances of Provence Rugby two seasons ago, brings a real plus, in the company of Sylvain Charlet and Karne Kaufana.

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"We, the forwards, meet him every day because in addition to being a manager, he is a forwards coach, specifies second row Pierre Gayraud, accustomed to the role of impact player, and who will start Friday evening in Vannes. It brings a certain confidence to the players in the sense of combat and certain values ​​that the club has had for years and which perhaps have been overused for some time. This is at the heart of our history."

Les Lorre, Storti, Malié, Madigan and even Zabala, who have been at the club for several seasons, were joined this summer by key players who allowed Béziers and its coach to reach a milestone.

"He's been working hard for three years to get to this point today, it’s a great reward" , concludes Gayraud. A great reward would be to dream for one more week.

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