ASBH in the final phase: how players prepare for the sprint

ASBH in the final phase: how players prepare for the sprint

The physical trainers (here Mathieu Rigal and Alexis Mudarra) must manage the physical fitness of the players as best as possible, collectively and individually. Midi Libre – Laurent François

While they are focused on the play-off match with Brive on Friday May 24 and there are potentially a maximum of four matches remaining, the physical trainers are making sure to keep their players on top. This involves, among other things, shorter but more intense sessions.

Preparing players physically is never easy. Doing it after 30 championship matches and as we approach the final phase of Pro D2, potentially with a maximum of four matches remaining (play-off, semi-final, final, match access), is a hassle -head. Wednesday May 22, at the end of the morning, a little more than 48 hours before the Béziers duel against Brive, while the training session had already been completed for a long time, sitting at their desk, the eyes glued to their computers, Alexis Mudarra and Mathieu Rigal were still working on the subject.

"Most of the work has already been done"

And there is no longer any question for them of talking about structural work: "Most of the work has already been done, they assure. From now on, we increase intensity during sessions but with reduced work volumes. Knowing that hosting allows us to work a little more, given that we don't have to travel. In fact, we rely more on staying in shape. We also make sure they don't get hurt."

We must also take into account the players individually, some having been more used than others and the old veterans of the meadows needing a little more recovery: "We can actually ask players to do more, specifies Mathieu Rigal. The goal, too, is that the preparation of the group is homogeneous."

"A special atmosphere"

We also have to manage the fact that in this final stretch, everyone is in the starting blocks. The players are fired up and no one intends to leave their share to the dog: "This week, we can sense that they are particularly excited, smiles Alexis Mudarra. There is a lot of dynamism during training. There is a special atmosphere."

Besides, having barely returned from Angoulême, the players themselves asked to return to work: " They wanted to attack on Sunday, say the physical trainers. They also trained on Monday and Wednesday. This Thursday, there will be the setup."

This Friday, after going outdoors outside Béziers, the players will enter their bubble before returning to the stadium. The duel with Brive will kick off at 9 p.m.

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