ASBH: the headache for supporters to get to Vannes

ASBH: the headache for supporters to get to Vannes

Les inscriptions pour les trajets en cars dureront jusqu’à mercredi midi, à côté de la billetterie. Midi Libre – Rodrigue Delpas

After ASBH's great victory against Brive, last Friday May 24 during the play-off, the Béziers supporters immediately planned a trip to Vannes, nearly 900 km away. Five coaches could be chartered, but nothing has been done yet.

No time to savor the qualification for the Béziers supporters. One week is all that ASBH aficionados have to organize a trip of almost 900 km, to Vannes, this Friday, May 31, for the semi-final of Pro D2.

And it’s a real headache for rugby fans. By plane, the nearest airport is located in Nantes. From Montpellier, as of Monday afternoon, there were only two places left for a flight on Friday morning. With a prohibitive cost of  174.46   € for a one-way ticket.

Five buses chartered for supporters?

Biterrois supporters will therefore only be able to count on themselves and get to Vannes by their own means…hellip; Or take the buses which may be made available. "For the moment, we are in the dark, explains Arthur Bachès, general director of SASP Béziers Rugby. We would have liked to be able to transport everyone but that is not going to be possible, there are no ideal solutions. We are waiting for confirmations."

Same story with the president of Hérault Transport and regional advisor, Thierry Mathieu, who also wants to be cautious: "We continue to struggle to bring together five coaches going up to Vannes but it’is complicated", he concedes. "Because he two drivers are needed per bus and many carriers are already busy. But we have mobilized the services of the Region, we are asking the transporters, we are doing our best."

It's also the source of grimaces for some supporters. "Today, we don't even know if all our members will be able to make the trip, regrets Maxime Gil, secretary of "Rugbiterre& ;quot;. We've been approaching transport companies since March, it's impossible to get a bus…"

However, on the "Brennus" side, we remain confident. The volunteers of this supporters association are at the stadium until Wednesday noon, when the ticket office closes for the match. In front of the pharmacy, they collect the registrations and ask for a contribution of 10 euros. to reserve your seat on a coach. And around a hundred people have already registered.

"We'll have to leave very early, I think the departure time will be around 6 a.m., < /em>advance Thierry Rouanet, the president of the "Brennus". You have to arrive at least an hour before the match at the stadium, to heat everything up& ;nbsp;!".

Places: instructions

For this meeting, the home team, Vannes, allocated nearly 1,400 seats for Béziers supporters. To obtain it, you have to physically go to the nearest location. the ASBH ticket office, at the Raoul-Barrière stadium, where the Béziers club puts them on sale. The price is between 13 €, standing weighing, à 42 €, in the honorary stand. Unfortunately, the Béziers supporters will be dispersed throughout the year. several places in the stadium. Officially, in a manner è not to make Vannes subscribers move from their usual places. Side from Béziers, we think rather, à wrong or &agrav; reason, that the supporters wereé scattered throughout the stadium so that they can easily be seen. prevent them from being able to set the mood and support their players.

For more information, Thierry Rouanet: 06 50 55 87 81.

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