Asian Cup of Nations: Mousa Tamari triumphs again with Jordan, the MHSC will have to wait

Asian Cup of Nations: Mousa Tamari triumphs again with Jordan, the MHSC will have to wait

Mousa Tamari face à l'Irak, en huitièmes de finale de Coupe d'Asie des Nations XinHua – Cao Can

L'ailier montpelliérain prolonge son indisponibilité après sa qualification en demi-finales de la Coupe d'Asie des Nations grâce à une victoire jordanienne sur le Tadjikistan (1-0), ce vendredi 2 février.

The attacking sector of Montpellier is impatient to find its revelation of this season, Mousa Tamari, currently selected for the Asian Cup of Nations with his selection, Jordan.&amp ;nbsp;

And he will still have to wait, since the Jordanians won in the quarter-finals against Tajikistan (1-0) on Friday, allowing Tamari's teammates to reach one step in the final . 

A feat in itself, since it is the first time in its history that Jordan has managed to qualify for the last four of the Asian Nations Cup.& nbsp;

But this final step is undoubtedly likely to be high, since Jordan will face in the semi-finals the winner of the other meeting this Friday, Australia – South Korea (4:30 p.m. ), February 6 at 4 p.m. 

The serious things begin

Jordan is the first team to qualify for the semi-finals. On the other side of the table, the Iran – Japan and Qatar – Uzbekistan clash highlight Jordan's underdog position for the rest of the competition. 

Even if Mousa Tamari has not been decisive since his double in the opening match against Malaysia (0-4), he has not. remains no less widely used by his coach since the start of the competition. 

A particularly important use which was also noticed when it was released at the very end of the match. In the 96th minute, the Montpellier striker limped back to the bench. 

With the support of Montpellier supporters, Mousa Tamari and his team are preparing to face one of the favorites of this competition, Australia or South Korea . 

The Asian Cup of Nations can be followed live on the competition's YouTube channel, AFC Asian Cup. 

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