Assassination attempt in Nîmes: the harsh and bloody journey of Robert Alouache, who is “like a brother” to Richard Perez

Assassination attempt in Nîmes: the harsh and bloody journey of Robert Alouache, who is “like a brother” to Richard Perez

Jean-Baptiste Belliure (gauche), Hakim Mammad et Robert Alouache. MIDI LIBRE – Aline Champsaur

At 51, after spending 26 years behind bars, he claims to have reintegrated and to be completely innocent of the charges against him. Five accused, who deny all the facts, including being tried before the Gard Assize Court for an aborted project to settle scores in Nîmes, February 23, 2013. 

"It's true that I was a thug, a real one, a big one. When I got out of prison, with Richard, we decided not to go near anything at all. And ten months later, I was put back in this salad"scolds Robert Alouache, 51, this Tuesday June 11 in front of the Gard jurors. "Today, eleven years later, I am being put back before a criminal court, and I am not taking it well."

The voice is relentless and the anger palpable. Accused of complicity in attempted assassination, he denies having organized alongside Richard Perez this aborted settling of scores on February 23, 2013, which would have targeted Raymond Houlonne, the enemy of the "king of trash cans" gardois.

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They met at the plant between 2001 and 2004

Richard Perez and Robert Alouache knew each other "in central between 2001 and 2004", where both were serving heavy sentences, the first for criminal conspiracy, the other for "assassination and murder". "Since then, he's been my brother" sums up, concisely, the former Marseille kid who grew up in the northern districts of Marseille and the fascination of banditry. The Nîmes businessman said the same thing the day before: "Alouache, he’s like my brother, like these people that I knew in prison and who reached out to me."

Growing up with Mémé Guérini as a model

“In Marseille, everyone thinks they're a thug. It's a duty to become a gangster, we grew up with Mémé Guérini as a model" told Robert Alouache to the psychologist.< /em>

"I fell into the pot as a child. For me, it’was natural" he specifies on the stand.

"From the age of 19, he specialized in settling scores within the" specifies the expert.

Two deaths in one revenge

Robert Alouache is part of a gang, which takes revenge when one of its members is shot. The response is merciless: two deaths in the camp opposite, and a sentence of twenty years, to inaugurate a criminal record which grows very quickly.

"You have 38 years of sentences handed down against you" emphasizes the president. He served 26, complete, behind bars.

"Back then, I lived like that. It was my life."

Bloody escape by helicopter from Baumettes prison

Imprisoned in Baumettes at the age of 26, he escaped a year later, on June 26, 1999, by helicopter, with four other prisoners. The escape left two of the fugitives dead, one shot dead by the guards while he was hanging on to the helicopter, the other killed during his escape. Robert Alouache was quickly recaptured, and received ten more years, served in solitary confinement.

"Almost seven years, without seeing anyone, in a dungeon" he explains.

"How do you not go completely crazy ?" asks Me David Metaxas, one of his lawyers. "Ah, well, we read. We play sports and read. It really helped me."

"More Robin Hood than Mesrine"

Upon his release from prison, Richard Perez hired him into his companies. "He’s a very loyal person, who has always believed in the good nature of his friends, and who thinks he can reintegrate everyone. S’he had to play a character, it would be more Robin Hood than Mesrine" believes Nathalie, who has since shared 23 years in the life of the Nîmes businessman.

So Robert Alouache works with "his brother" in the truck rental and waste sorting world. "As soon as I set foot outside, Richard and I worked together. I drove the black Q7." Today, he lives in Lyon, with his lifelong partner, his son who is a journalist, and his daughter who wants to become a lawyer.

A consulting firm

He has his own consulting firm, in the world of construction and waste. “I find a career, a company, I get a contract signed and I take my guitar on it. BBut you have to admit that for people like us, it's very complicated. There's a comma missing, they jump on us. This time, it's not the GIGN, it's the Paris financial services."

From the looks of it, the police aren't letting go of him an inch. "I always have them behind me& quot;, he said, nodding towards the room. "At least if there's anything going on passes, I’will have an alibi." And this whole journey, according to him, only demonstrates his innocence in this new affair: "Let me explain some logic to you. A guy like me, with the past that I have, who is a professional in banditry, we will go and scout on the spot to be seen scouting the places, a guy will decide to come and kill someone. rsquo;one, and he will send me an SMS in the evening to me who is at the other end of France? But if I participated in that, don't put me not in prison, send me to a psychiatric hospital, that's what I need!"

Verdict Friday.

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