At La Poste Relais du Mas de Ville, everything is ready to welcome customers from the closed Nîmes Beausoleil office

At La Poste Relais du Mas de Ville, everything is ready to welcome customers from the closed Nîmes Beausoleil office

Michel Bea, gérant du tabac presse du Mas de Ville, se diversifie avec l'ouverture d'un Relais Poste. Y. B.

The closure of the Nîmes Beausoleil Post office will be effective from March 18. Instead, a Relais Poste will be open at Mas de Ville. The manager of the local tobacconist is waiting for this new clientele.

At the Mas de Ville newsagents, a stone's throw from the ring road and the Philippe Lamour high school, the manager Michel Bea has already installed the visuals of the Relais Poste " truly open from Monday March 18.

An opportunity for him to diversify his activity, "especially in a context of increasing tobacco prices",& ;nbsp;and to welcome new customers who can no longer go to the Nîmes Beausoleil Post office which is closed this weekend.

A decision which sparked an outcry from elected officials, residents and users who want to keep this local service in their neighborhood. The management of La Poste contacted the manager of the Mas de Ville press tobacconist at the end of 2023: "I didn't know at the time that there was this office closure project… I want to provide something more for the residents of the neighborhood. Customers have already asked me questions when they saw the La Poste visuals to find out what services I will offer."

On a barrel which serves as a display, packets of letters and registered mail, as well as a pen are placed.

Banking operations at Nîmes Esplanade

At the Poste Relais, located 40 Allée du Mas de Ville, open Monday to Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., customers will be able to collect items, buy ready-to-wear clothing, Collisimo packaging, stamps, booklets, franking letters and parcels, depositing and collecting these and registered mail. "La Poste tells me that it will represent between 30 to 40 items per day. I'm going a bit into the unknown when it comes to waiting time management even though there are usually two of us at the checkout. It will take more time than a usual purchase, confides Michel Bea.

On the other hand, banking transactions must be carried out, from Monday to Saturday, at the Esplanade Post Office, 1 boulevard de Bruxelles, which has just been renovated with careful attention to detail. of 700,000 € mobilized for the occasion. In addition, mail and parcel operations can be carried out at Tabac des Fleurs 18, avenue Feuchères, from Monday to Sunday.

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