At Mermoz high school, the nautical sector organized its forum

At Mermoz high school, the nautical sector organized its forum

Lycéens et professionnel ont pu échanger lors de ce forum

Cette rencontre a réuni lycéens et professionnels du nautisme. L’occasion de se rencontrer et de tisser des liens pour l’avenir.

The Jean-Mermoz vocational high school organized its nautical forum last Friday.

This meeting brought together nautical maintenance students from the 1st and final years of the high school and the 1st from the Agora sector of the Sérignan high school as well as professionals from the nautical, sea, river and canal sectors. It allowed the students, through 5-minute interviews with each of the 12 companies present, to get in touch with what will perhaps later be their profession and also introduce them to preparing a CV.

During these forums and through these interviews, companies can offer internships and recruit. The students' ambitions are different, but most have been immersed in the world of boating since a very young age, thanks to their parents and grandparents.

Jean-Baptiste thinks of the French Navy, Noé did internships in Spain and, like Liou, they think of the sea, boats and motors, while Toa'hiti, who is Polynesian, is on a work-study program and Djilyan is not tempted by mechanics and instead thinks preparation and maintenance of boats. Daniel Vivares has been a high school teacher for 20 years: "We are three teachers in the nautical sector and each teach two of the three levels. The workshops with 12 students take place on the themes of outboard and inboard mechanics, resin work and equipment installation. During their training, each student is on an internship during their studies, 23 weeks spread over 3 years. The majority of students complete their 3-year cycle since out of 24, around twenty go on to the professional baccalaureate. We have an exchange with the port of Valras and the barge base of Portiragnes and are considering providing courses for the boat license."

< p>It is now up to each student to find their own path and to companies that recruit young people motivated by their professional future.

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