At Nîmes University Hospital, goodwill contributes to medical solidarity throughout the world

At Nîmes University Hospital, goodwill contributes to medical solidarity throughout the world

The Crocos du monde association will send students for internships to Dakar in the coming months. Midi Libre – Geoffrey Gavalda

Barely six months after the last loading, a new container of equipment left for Dakar on Thursday March 21, a logic of mutual aid and sustainable development which takes root at the Nîmes University Hospital.

Dr Christophe Boisson is keen on this, he who oversees this project, it is above all a help "development, and sustainable" more than humanitarian action. At the foot of the truck that was enthusiastically loaded on the morning of Thursday March 21 by around fifteen medical students, members of the Crocos du monde association, helped by the logistics teams, he claims the strength of the mutual aid that the Nîmes hospital and university center (CHU) puts in place for several countries around the world (notably: China, Lebanon, Senegal, Burkina Faso).

50 000 € of material

And this morning, it is for Dakar that the loading of material, worth more than 50,000, is preparing to leave. euro;, certainly depreciated, but not obsolete: "During July, four third and fourth year students will go on site once the equipment has arrived and stored to help not only with its installation but also with handling. Otherwise, giving away equipment without accompanying its use is of no use, explains Dr. Boisson.

Ensuring the sustainability of the equipment

On site, it is the Humatem association, which employs a biomedical engineer, who will in turn visit during November to ensure that the medical staff do not encounter difficulties and remedy it if not. "This prevents, as has already happened in the past, a machine that breaks down eight days later from ending up in the trash"< /em>, says Laurent Rey, responsible for sustainable development at the CHU.

Third year in a row

Thus, thanks to the joint work of these employees who give their time, student volunteers, multiple partners and public funding from various sources, Dakar will receive a shipment for the third consecutive year. Including: operating tables and surgical equipment (19,000 pieces!) to three different sites. Ultimately, at the University Hospital, nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

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