“At one point, I saw myself leaving”: stabbed seven times by his father-in-law during his wedding, he testifies for the first time

In Tarn-et-Garonne, a wedding turned into a scene of horror for the future spouses, Saturday June 1, 2024. The father-in-law of the future groom stabbed him seven times. Released from the hospital this Monday, June 3, 2024, Philippe confides for the first time about the nightmare he experienced.

"He grabbed me by the head, I was facing him and he was hitting from behind the whole time. I only had one idea, which was to protect Caroline because he wanted to attack her, entrusts the future groom to France bleu this Monday, June 3, 2024, just out of the hospital.

Philippe was preparing to marry Caroline at the town hall of Faudoas, in Tarn-et-Garonne, when Caroline's father told him. violently stabbed. The father of the bride is now placed in pre-trial detention and indicted for attempted assassination, according to France bleu.

"I saw everything in fog"

Philippe returned home and found his partner. Both are still upset. The future husband was hit seven times including a blow to the lung, a blow near the heart, a blow near the aorta. "At one point, I saw myself leaving, I saw everything in fog. I said to myself: I’m screwed! Well no, it wasn't my day, it wasn't my time.

"I’expected him to protest"

According to the mayor, a former rugby player who did not hesitate to tackle the attacker, the father's outburst would be linked to the age difference of the bride and groom. Philippe is 61 years old, Caroline 25. He could not have supported his daughter marrying a man of that age, and had, before the ceremony, warned the chosen one that ;he "would make a mess".

"I’expected him to challenge, protest", continue  Philippe at the microphone of France blue but "we can't imagine that someone would arrive with a knife in the back". For his partner, Caroline, his father "has gone crazy" when "we reached his level".

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