Attack on Samara in Montpellier: the rectorate announces disciplinary measures against the schoolchildren involved

In a press release published this Sunday, April 21, the Montpellier rectorate indicates that the state of health of young Samara, beaten up in front of her Arthur Rimbaud college, in Montpellier on April 2, is not will not allow him to resume classes this Monday, April 22.

Samara, the 13-year-old teenager beaten at the beginning of April in front of her college in Montpellier, will resume distance learning and the students implicated in her attack will appear before a disciplinary council, indicated this Sunday, April 21, the rectorate of the academy of Montpellier.

In order "to shed light on the facts", the administrative investigation launched by the Minister of Education Nicole Belloubet, which had already been extended by a week in mid-April, will continue, as will the judicial investigation carried out under the authority of the prosecution, according to the same source.

Samara will not be able to take face-to-face classes starting this Monday

Samara's state of health "is’improved but will not allow her to return to classes this Monday, April 22  ;quot;, wrote the rectorate in a press release on the eve of the end of the school holidays in zone C, which includes Montpellier. "In agreement with Samara's mother, remote support is set up, so that Samara can benefit from educational continuity from her home, while waiting for her return to an establishment&quot ;, he added.

The young girl, seriously injured, was in a coma and came out the day after the attack. The students in question will for the moment be refused entry to their establishment and they will have to pass "in the short term" before disciplinary councils "in order to decide on the follow-up to be given for each".

A listening cell always active

The listening unit which was set up the day after the attack, which occurred on April 2, in order to collect the words of students but also staff will remain active "at least the first week of resuming classes".

It is the same for the mobile academic security teams (EMAS) which will remain mobilized for at least the first week of the resumption in this college.

"Only administrative and judicial investigations will make it possible to clarify the facts and define responsibilities", explained the rector Sophie Béjean, who asked, while awaiting their conclusions, to "not give in to any form of controversy which would harm the general interest of students and the establishment".

Invectives on social networks

According to the Montpellier public prosecutor's office, this attack took place "in the context of a group of adolescents who were used to to insult oneself" on social networks and to post photos there. Three minors aged 14 and 15 who admitted to having hit the teenage girl were indicted for "attempted voluntary homicide" and placed under judicial supervision.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal had, following this affair and other cases of violence between young people near schools in recent weeks, promised measures "extremely strong".

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