Autism: she becomes a star of social networks by recounting her daily life as a mother from Hérault

Autism: she becomes a star of social networks by recounting her daily life as a mother from Hérault

Autism: she becomes a star of social networks by recounting her daily life as a mother from Hérault

Siham, le combat d’une mère pour son fils Anas.

Depuis Gigean, elle expose sa vie de maman d’un enfant autiste sur les réseaux sociaux pour soutenir et conseiller des mamans qui sont dans le même cas.

One of his latest videos on TikTok has exceeded 8 million views. With the presentation of a long crisis of his son Anas, 15 years old, autistic, and his different techniques to try to soothe him. "That day I had changed my hairstyle between the morning when I put it down and the evening when I picked it up. He couldn't stand . Since 2019, Siham – sisiazou on Instagram, sisiazou4 on TikTok – tells on social networks, from Gigean, her life as a mother of an autistic child.

850 000 subscribers on TikTok

"If Anas didn’not have this particularity, I would be a normal mother with a normal job and without these social networks", recognizes the one who counts 850 000 subscribers on TikTok, 105,000 on Snapchat and 94,000 on Instagram. A job that she gave up in 2013, arriving in Gigean after the birth of her daughter Sofia. "The days were more and more complicated with the care of Anas. It was in Montpellier, it was far and long. Especially since Mélina will then arrive in the household in 2017 and finally Nael in 2019. "I was offered jobs but I refused them. I would not have been reliable for an employer, she assumes.

I told myself that I would be a "mom" for the others

Suddenly, Siham found herself at home, taking care of her four children. "No social life". She said to herself that I had to do something. Little by little, I told myself that I had to make myself useful, she remembers. With a simple starting point: "When Anas was diagnosed with autism, I missed "mom" who to turn to for advice, I lacked "mom" to give me hope. So I told myself that I would be a "mom" for the others".

She shares her life, her doubts, her joys

The mother, 38 years old today, shared her first Instagram story."I came back to the feelings I had when Anas was diagnosed. It all started from there." One thing led to another, from photo stories about his life, his doubts, his joys, his number of subscribers exploded.< em> "I was answering people's questions. Sometimes I had 200. I answered them until 3 in the morning. I then told myself that I needed to improve my content". A niece will push her to go on TikTok too.

A million views for his first video

His first video will concern Anas’testing a specialized sensory gel – "in particular it makes little crunches when you&amp;amp;amp; ;rsquo;puts a dab in your hand", said the mother. Conclusive test. The extract reached one million views on this network. If, on Instagram, she talks about her daily life, on TikTok she makes longer videos on specific situations. She gives advice. "I don't care if my laundry is drying in the background. This is my life. In the world of disability, there is no place for rhinestones and glitter. And when I cry, it's never in front of my children".

A magical meeting with Slimane

"I tell myself that what I do gives hope, it comforts". It often happens that subscribers thank her because thanks to her and her techniques the entire family was able, for example, to return to a restaurant or welcome family and/or friends into their home. Through TikTok, he also finally meets in real life celebrities like the singer Slimane "whom Anas listens to all the time. It’was a magical moment".

Anas’s dream: swimming with sea turtles

With such success on TikTok, Siham – who also takes care of her three other children – was forced to create a micro-company to manage the income generated by this network. "I am often approached to talk about brands", she admits . "But I never accepted. Subscribers trust me, I'm not going to tell them about a product that I have no use for." One day, this money will be useful Anas’s big dream, that of swimming with sea turtles. Turtles that he never ceases to draw freehand with a felt-tip pen in a whole range of colors. "Making drawings is part of his routine. Now he also does other animals and many people are very surprised by the quality of his drawings. Some even think that they are photocopies".

A planned clothing line

Anas’parents are now planning to create "an entire clothing line with Anas" designs". Serious contacts are very advanced. "He will never be autonomous, Siham slips, but if he can earn a living with his drawings, this will already be a great victory". Which will certainly be welcomed by the entire dynamic mom community.

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