Automotive: with the GT Series, three days of thunder at Lédenon

Automotive: with the GT Series, three days of thunder at Lédenon

L’Alpine du team Chazel, sixième samedi, a raté le podium dimanche à cause d’un ennui mécanique. SRO –  

The French GT championship, an undeniable showcase for the GT Series, saw the victory of a Mercedes AMG on Saturday and an Aston Martin AMG on Sunday. The Gardois present on the track performed well .

The highlight of three intense days of racing in Lédenon (May 10, 11 and 12), the French GT championship is the undeniable showcase of the GT Series, with its leading drivers and cars of all brands capable of seducing the most jaded spectators.

Like every year, its two races, contested as a crew over a period of one hour, kept the public in suspense before ending with the victory of a Mercedes AMG on Saturday then an Aston Martin AMG Sunday.

This round in Lédenon allowed the Chazel team, based in Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, to express themselves almost at home. On Saturday, his Alpine A110 took a good sixth place after a solid comeback and the best was already announced for race 2.

Cursed triangle!

"Tom Verdier, who is joining us for this crew race with Matéo Herrero, took pole, the first for our team in GT< /em>, rejoiced Louis Chazel, the manager of the eponymous team. That’s great, but we now have to confirm this superiority in the race."

It almost came true. Although blocked for a long time by the Aston Martin of the future winners, the Alpine from Gard was moving towards at least a second place when one of its suspension triangles had the bad idea to give way. Infuriating!

Automotive: with the GT Series, three days of thunder at Lédenon

Nîmes Rodolphe Wallgren, who shares an Audi R8 LMS with Gaël Castelli, can be satisfied, he finished twice in 3rd place. ORS –

Double podium for Nîmes Wallgren

The Nîmes Rodolphe Wallgren, another headliner of this championship where he shares an Audi R8 LMS with Gaël Castelli, came out with more success. Invited to climb to the third step of the podium twice, he could hardly have hoped for better. "This remains a good operation for the championship, but the regulations currently impose ballast on the " rsquo;Audi which penalizes it far too much", deciphered the interested party at the end of the weekend.

Forced to retire in the first race, the Alésien Vincent Beltoise managed to hoist his Alpine A110 to a good seventh place in the next day's race, thus warding off a bad fate which was otherwise fierce on the three cars of the CMR team.

Among the other events on the track, there were also the four races of the French Tourism Championship. We saw the Ginettas from the new Gard team Styl & Grip and, among his recruits, the very young (16 years old) Alesian Ethan Gialdini, author of a double victory in the GT Academy category.

Among the hopes of the French F4 championship, a Japanese winner of the last race

Finally, in addition to the rounds of the Legends Cars Cup and the Funyo Sprint Cup, the public had the opportunity to see in action the seeds of champions who are the hopes of the French F4 championship. Hopes sometimes come from very far away, like the Japanese Taito Kato, winner of the last race for his first laps at Lédenon. A circuit "so funny" according to his words !

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