Autopilots were faulty: Boeing 737-8 Max plane misses takeoff at airport

A plane had to abort its takeoff after an autopilot problem as it was preparing to reach Mexico from Canada.

Last minute cancellation. On Sunday, a plane from the manufacturer Boeing had to land shortly after takeoff, reports BFMTV. The craft, which was carrying 168 people, encountered an autopilot problem.

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Aborted takeoff

The Air Canada Boeing Max registered C-GEHY was forced to land a few minutes after taking off. The crew realized that both autopilots were defective, an anomaly that could jeopardize the security of the device in the event of a problem.

Having barely left, the plane had to begin its descent towards its departure airport. After a few minutes, he was back on dry land. He returned to the Vancouver forecourt where a track had been reserved for him. No passengers were injured and the maneuver took place peacefully.

The pressure switch suffers from corrosion

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada reported that the fault came from the pressure switch, a detection device, here suffering from corrosion. It has been replaced. The aircraft registered C-GEHY has been in service since February 2019.

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In recent weeks, numerous flaws in Boeing aircraft have been reported, whether it be aircraft wings or bolt problems. On March 25, in the midst of media turmoil, the manufacturer's CEO Dave Calhoun announced that he would leave his position by the end of the year. The company has initiated a major reshuffle in order to exit of this crisis.

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