Avant-garde, accessibility and audacity: Midi Libre's communications agency changes its name to “evelyne”

Avant-garde, accessibility and audacity: Midi Libre's communications agency changes its name to "evelyne"

Lundi matin, au siège de Midi Libre, Jean-Benoît Baylet a présenté la nouvelle agence “evelyne” aux salariés. Midi Libre – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Midi Libre's communications agency changes its name to 'evelyne'. Its general director explains the reasons, highlighting its principles: avant-garde, accessibility, audacity.

The communications agency of the La Dépêche du Midi Group, to which Midi Libre belongs, changes its name and becomes "evelyne". For what reasons ?

After seven years of existence of the Agency, the time had come to breathe new life into our communications subsidiary. The Agency now takes the name "evelyne", in reference to Evelyne-Jean Baylet, emblematic figure of the Groupe La Dépêche du Midi.

Your grandmother Evelyne-Jean Baylet presided over the destiny of La Dépêche du Midi for thirty-seven years…

While nothing predestined her to it, she did it with courage and pugnacity! As a business leader, she was able to create the conditions, particularly by consolidating our activities, for our group to remain independent. She played her part in the fantastic revolution which, in less than half a century, shook up the world of the press. His extraordinary journey, far ahead of his time, naturally inspired our new identity and the values ​​that we have always defended within our teams: avant-garde, accessibility, audacity.

The avant-garde means being one step ahead. You have embodied it by creating a unique agency-management model.

Absolutely. Our model is the 360° agency. It is a uniqueness in our sector that we fully embrace and which responded when we initiated it to strong market expectations. In a communications sector that is often in silos, we have dared to adopt a hybrid agency model built on a management team, which allows us to respond to our clients in a very comprehensive manner. In this, we are pioneers, and this is our strength and our originality, recognized by our 1,400 clients to whom we offer tailor-made support, synergy between commerce and communications consulting.

This is a model embodied today by more than 210 employees who cover our territory.

Yes, and it is both a source of great pride and an illustration of the DNA of our group on the ground, proximity, support for initiatives. Our communications agency can rely on a solid media group, located in all thirteen departments of the Occitanie region and made up of attentive teams capable of providing customers with a response adapted. This is a great chance.

"The agency governed by ideas", this is the promise of the evelyne agency. What do you mean by that ?

Our agency puts ideas and creativity into everything it does to support its advertisers in conquering their audiences. It does this by relying on the expertise of our employees and drawing inspiration from our history, which sets us apart from other market players. The numerous testimonials from our customers, who praise our know-how and our efficiency, consolidate our dynamic. We thank them and look forward to introducing them to the world of evelyne.

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